November 12

Emperor Rx: Let it Fall


Still itching to get started with your “new life?” It’s not just you.

If you’re one of us, I apologize in advance for next week’s forecast. It’s not what we wanted to hear, but it is probably right nonetheless.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook: Emperor Reversed
Advice: Tower, with additional info from the Four of Swords
Deck:  Housewives Tarot.

Emperor Reversed: People are not feeling fully in control of…whatever. This is not too hard to imagine, all things considered. I’ve been feeling similarly.

Tower: My first impulse was to let it all sort itself out in the wash. What’s real will remain standing, and what’s not real will crumble. But I wanted a little more guidance.

Four of Swords: Let it go. Just let it go, okay? You cannot force it, rush it, or drive it. You can only do your best to be present in the moment and make decisions that align with your intentions and conscience. THAT we can do.

What we cannot do:

  • Tilt the world to our liking
  • Force others to see as we do
  • Make it happen on our terms

We can only adjust our terms.

Tower energy:

  • Feels disruptive
  • Feels like a mess

That doesn’t mean it’s not absolutely vital. It just means we may not necessarily enjoy the process.

Birth process:

  • Not harmful
  • Absolutely necessary
  • Not automatically “fun”

Your job:

Reach for that Four of Swords energy. Relax. Let go. Call upon whatever makes you feel comfortable and stable. Do your best self-care. This is a suggestion to rest while you can.

Hope you’re faring well out there, friends. Are you ready for the chaos to start sorting itself out?

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Four of Swords, Housewives Tarot, The Emperor, The Tower

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