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09/21/13: Pretend Power / Emperor Reversed


Emperor Rx Steampunk Tarot

Ehhh. The reversed Emperor is a little confused: he thinks he’s got everything in hand, but you know, he doesn’t have the amount of control he thinks he does. This vibe could play out a number of different ways.

  • Not everyone who acts like “the boss of you” actually is the boss of you! This is very useful point. Don’t give away your own power.
  • If you think you have the world eating out of your hand, don’t be too sure.
  • Leaving the inner workings of what’s needed up to authority figures may not be the best plan. If it’s really important to you personally, double check yourself.
  • Beware false authority figures. And if it’s you trying to brandish authority that’s not rightly yours, stop that shit!

Are you seeing this dynamic play out somewhere? Tell us about it!

Steampunk Tarot 
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell

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Steampunk Tarot, The Emperor

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