April 14

04/14/12: Get Moving!! | Emperor



Ok.  My floor freezer just died—so I was fishing mushy meatballs out of ice water. That’s every bit as much fun as it sounds. And I’m never happy to see a watery mess—then tend to show up around me before emotional blowouts.

“At least it’s contained,” I think. “So maybe the emotions will be contained.” I’m not kidding here. I really do think like this.

I pulled a card from my Witches pack on the Yule/Winter solstice after cleaning out the freezers. Great. More melting ice.

Sit down to write today’s column and what do I see but reminder the God of War is back on the job? I’ve been bitching about Mars retrograde—in my native Virgo, it’s had me feeling like I’m frozen stiff.  Right on cue, Mars is showing up to melt the glaciers.

We have the Emperor (Aries) in all his testosterone-laden glory. Stag-horned God, he is. He’s also not much of a talker, in case you haven’t noticed. He’s more about action.

Mars in Virgo is direct now, and the Emperor is her to remind us to get moving. Especially, tend to health concerns, matters of service, work, and doing what you said you would. Because integrity is always a good plan. Fight for right!

Are you feeling moved to take action?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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Major Arcana, Mars, Shadowscapes, The Emperor

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  1. Yes, but it’s my birthday, and it’s already been ruined, by a lack of sleep and one family member. I needed my sleep, and to get my hair taken care of being going out for the day, and it isn’t going to happen now. The Emperor is my birth card, and I was hoping to enjoy my day; I felt fine until my run-in. If I were vindictive, such as she, I would be sure to return the favour on her wedding day. She knew I needed this to be a good one Integrity is great; it’s a shame she doesn’t have any.

    1. (((Angela)))

      Happy Birthday!!!!!

      I hope your day (and your hair) improves exponentially, and you have a Wonderful Day! (Forget that loser…)

      :rainbow: :cake: :rainbow: :present: :rainbow:

  2. Happy Birthday Angela!!!! Have you ever had anyone sing Happy Birthday to you underwater? If not, I just did. I held my coffee cup (water) over my head & sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ANGELA. HAHAHA!

    After Dixie’s tarot today I felt the underwater birthday song was perfect & the good thing is it’s easy to get out from under this water-you just put down the glass. Hope your day gets better! :cake: :present:

    GREAT stuff Dix, sorry about the freezer. I think about water the same way & having your water (emotions) contained makes for easier clean-up but maybe not so much for the blow-up you’re expecting. Or has the blow-up already happened? The freezer is electic so for me the water is really an aftermath of an electical issue, maybe it died after a power surge (blow-up). Don’t contain the emotions but let them flow.

    Then again it may be whatever’s in the sky right now, we’ve blown 4 lightbulbs in the past few days.

    1. You know, CancerMom, I think this one is family stuff. That freezer was a kajillion years old given to me by my folks. They are moving back out of town and lo and behold, cannot take their freezer with them. So they’re giving me their old one on their way out of town next week…

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