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09/08/12: Living True | Emperor


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One of the surest ways to get into a jam is trying to be somebody you’re not. There are countless reasons to try! I know the feelings that lead there. Not being certain of who you are or what your purpose is about can be one. Worry over what someone will think—not just random folks, but ones you love, especially is another. Comparing yourself to the rest of the world, or leading with unsure steps causes problems. Very easy to push the timid into the background, off their path, you know?

Here is The Rebel, Ohso Zen’s version of the Emperor. I love this interpretation for the raw power that doesn’t need the hard-assed, oppressive edge I sometimes feel with traditional Emperor. He’s broken the chains that bind his steps. His robes and hair are fully colored, not subdued or muted. He expresses his own truth in it’s fullest extent. The Eagle next to him links him to the Gods. The communication is clear because he’s found his own truth, the truth that powers his torch and lights the way.

He doesn’t rebel for the sake of being contrary, but for the sake of freedom. That is how we know true power—it’s not from reaction against, or vote for anything at all. It’s in living true.

I take inspiration from his bravery and vow to follow in his footsteps—those of walking his own path.

Do you feel you “live true?”

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Osho Zen, The Emperor

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  1. This was super, Dixie. Most Emperors do seem awfully stodgy, especially for their correspondence to Aries. This guy is awesome, though, and fantastic inspiration for living true. Wonderful message today.

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