December 19

12/19/12: Growing into your Authority | Emperor


If you’ve been wondering how to handle a difficult situation…how to deal with the troll in your life, the bully at work, the disrespectful in-law? Tarot has an answer today.

Authority is the name of the Psychic Tarot Oracle’s version of the Emperor. I always think of this particular rendition as a cosmic bouncer. Associated with Aries, this is energy that will not shirk from battles.

Stand fast, stand firm, and no flinching! Speak and act with absolutely authority, or don’t speak at all. Waffling is for breakfast, not conflict resolution today.

Of course, the flip side of speaking as the Emperor’s avatar is worthy of consideration: are you sure? Because you must be sure of what you stand for, sure of what you want, sure of your boundaries and sure of your limits. Otherwise, it’s so much bark without a bite, you know? You can never fill this guy’s shoes with half-hearted, half-baked semi-conviction.

Know thyself. Then you can defend thyself! This is how you grow into your own authority.

Are you feeling your authority?

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Psychic Tarot Oracle, The Emperor

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  1. He looks like Ox. LOL. Needless to say, I liked this rendition of the Emperor. It’s funny, tho because Ox says he has authority with everyone but me. There was an argument between his sister and his biological mother a few nights ago. So, he says, “I went down there and heard them yelling and said ‘stop it, right now’ and they did—they aren’t like you.”

    “Stand fast, stand firm, and no flinching!”–I can do this. And, what I’ve realized is sometimes it take a fair amount of bluffing to pull off. When I’m under threat, I’ve realized that people who think you are scared will keep needling. But, very few people will run themselves up against a brick wall more than once.

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