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09/28/12: Fight for it! | Emperor


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Again, Tarot? The Emperor again?!?” –Dixie
“Evi-freaking-dently, Dixie.” -Tarot

I am known among those close to me for being pretty much the ultimate squish. I’m tender-hearted and kind. A soft touch! I’d go down in flames before I’d intentionally hurt somebody I care about. I’m accommodating at times to my own detriment for sure. But that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of being formidable in my own right. I’ve had signs that I need to develop my fiercer potentials of late. Tarot helps remind me.

In this bold rendition of the Emperor (Aries) from the Rosetta Tarot, his solar power is not hard to see. He is OVERT, passionate, and strong.

What the Empress creates, the Emperor rules. Both have place in the natural world. His home is that of mind over matter, discipline over chaos, and focus over diffusion. His effectiveness is a direct result of his willingness to take charge, being aggressive, very yang, and fight as required. This man is NO wimp!

While his appearance can speak to the need or assistance for traditional authority figures, he sometimes appears to caution against rigidity. Negotiation isn’t his strong suit, after all. Every blessing has it’s curse all that…But then again, maybe it’s not time for negotiation.

Are you going down in flames because you’re trying to please everybody on everything? Is your equivocation turning you into a doormat? The Emperor has a cure.

RULE YOUR OWN DOMAIN. Leave others to rule theirs. Fight for what’s yours, defend it definitively and without apology, and beyond all else, control thyself. Self-control aligns you with the power of the Sun. It’s through this that you shine brightest, and light the way as leader.

Can you make use of the Emperor’s wisdom?

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Rosetta Tarot, The Emperor

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