February 11

Emperor and 7 of Swords: Confidence vs. Cunning


Lately, I’ve been mulling over control—or the illusion of it. (Don’t ask.) But I will say, the feelings it brings up remind me of that Billy Joel anthem we all know and sometimes live by.

I can’t tell you how many times my teenage self belted out in the car, “I don’t care what you say anymore, this is my life. Go ahead with your own life. Leave me alone!”

We may do well to take a page out of this songbook next week. I’m expecting plenty of opportunities, at least.

Next Week in the Cards

The outlook is the Emperor. The advice is the Seven of Swords. Pictured from the Radiant Rider-Waite Mini.

That Emperor is living large. People are likely to be confident next week—overconfident, perhaps? Confidence may be king, but be warned, overconfidence could demote the king to court jester.

The point is, there may be power plays, assertions of authority (legitimate or otherwise), and pressure from those wanting to control you. You might even find yourself feeling a strong urge to take the reins.

Intentions may be golden, but stellar intentions do not grant the right, regardless. A vital question to ask ourselves next week: ‘Is this actually mine to control? Or am I trying to steer somebody else’s car?’

No judgment here, baby. I get it. Sometimes, somebody can be so wrong it makes your hair hurt, and you think you’ve got to step in. You care, right? Save them from themselves!

Except you don’t.

Direct confrontation probably won’t get you very far unless you’re a stag looking to lock horns in a public display of alpha status—and let’s be real, that’s ill-advised on multiple levels, not to mention flat-out exhausting. Resist the urge to single-handedly correct the cosmic balance because it’s not your job; your sanity will thank you.

Now, even if it’s someone else up in your business, the same principle applies. It’s not about giving in; it’s about choosing how to respond wisely (or not respond at all), courtesy of the Seven of Swords’ guidance.

Move silently. Keep your plans close to your chest. You don’t need buy-in; you need to slip in and do what you need to do with minimum fuss. Be the ninja, not the gladiator. Opt for stealth over strength, strategy over swordplay, all while staying firmly in your own business.

I’m officially giving you permission this next week to do what you know in your heart is right for you, regardless of what the rest have to say about it. Not that you need my permission, but if it helps, well, there it is! Remember, your life is the only one you have the right to live. Own it.

In considering control and discretion, we uncover a deeper truth: the vast difference between making a personal decision that may garner disapproval and attempting to impose your decisions upon others. The former is an exercise of your autonomy; the latter, a breach of someone else’s.

The wise Emperor embodies this understanding perfectly. True leadership is not about making loud demands while flashing your crown. Understand that our greatest impact lies not in force but in influence. This influence, most potent among those who demonstrate strong self-mastery, inspires and guides with subtlety that echoes the stealth of the Seven of Swords.

So, as we reflect on the messages this week, let’s ask ourselves: How do we wield our own power? Are we ruling over our inner landscapes with the wisdom and restraint of the wise Emperor, using our influence not as a sword but as a beacon? The true path to effective leadership and genuine inspiration begins with mastering the realm within. Our job is to control ourselves.

So, are you feeling in control?

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