May 8

05/09/13: Emotional Geyser / rev Knight of Cups



Soooo….Yesterday, we were looking at suppressed emotion. This reversed Knight of Cups suggests emotion that’s definitely surfaced, and probably chaotic and ill-managed to boot. And yeah, we’ve seen this card VERY recently. Different draws, different days but same weather advisory.

My advice for this kind of energy is pretty standard: if you sense a blowup coming your way, duck!

Aside/energy tip: Here, I do mean physically get yourself out of alignment with anyone who is losing it; do not face them directly. Angle your body away and either cross your arms or cover your solar plexus area with your hand to blunt the emotional impact of the energy that’s shooting out.

If it’s your blowup, don’t aim it indiscriminately or there will be Hell to pay over it. And if’ it’s aimed at you, it way ain’t personal!

Here’s hoping you have NO idea what I’m talking about. Do you?!

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Knight of Cups, Legacy of the Divine

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