October 18

10/19/13: Embark upon the Adventure / Page Pentacles


Adventure Page PentaclesWhat did I say the other day about this being a schizophrenic forecast month?

Uh, yeah.

Today we’ve got Adventure, the Page of Pentacles in the Osho Zen deck. I do love this card!

Approach the day with innocence and wonder. See (and follow) the magic. You don’t need to know where it’s going to lead. Just that you’re following your dreams, your plans, your signs.

This is what you do. The salient point today, however, is taking real-world steps. Pentacles—okay, “rainbows”—are not ideas or feelings or passionate dreams. Those are all other Tarot suits. This suit is REAL WORLD manifestation, so take a real-world step toward manifesting what you want. That’s how you embark!

Are you embarking? Tell us about it!

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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Osho Zen, Page of Pentacles

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  1. If you follow the rainbow, you find that pot of gold! :
    I would love to rediscover my innocence and wonder. Sometimes it difficult to let your inner child out to go play and wander.
    This page is one of the main reasons I’ve bought this deck, which a absolutely adore

    1. It can be tough to let that kid out and just be, can’t it? But hey, I’d say buying a Tarot deck in large part because one of the images gives you joy is one expression of this energy, huh?

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