November 20

11/20/11: Work in Progress | 8 of Pentacles/Rainbows


IMG_1804It bothers me sometimes, how bad people feel over not “getting it” soon enough, regardless of whatever “it” represents. I get it, having felt the same way myself sometimes, but it still bothers me.

I mean, we figure out what we figure out with the level of experience it takes to see in the amount of time it takes to integrate it. Saying one “should have” done so sooner implies there’s something wrong with having lessons. We don’t pop out of the womb living every second as if we’re at the end of the movie, with full knowledge and foresight, instead of living as a work in progress. Into each life some drama visits. We usually call them lessons, at least after the fact. During, feel free to throw around as many four-letter words as you like. I won’t judge you for it.

8_of_PentaclesToday’s Tarot forecast is “Ordinariness,” aka the Eight of Pentacles (Rainbows) from the Osho Zen. I love this particular image—as the woman walks down the path after doing some gardening, she’s surrounded by the fruit of her efforts, right there.

There is nothing either spectacular or especially oppressive about the scene. Matter of fact, it’s beautiful! Doing her work isn’t a burden or a chore, as we often think of when we refer to “doing our work.”

When you first undertake a new skill and develop some prowess, it’s a novelty. You don’t trust your mastery so much, and may worry it will elude you when you need or perhaps that you’ll backslide. You may lament the lack of skill level in your earlier work, or fear you’ll lose your touch.

It becomes really yours as it becomes ORDINARY. And it does, through consistent practice. What once took huge concentration and focus to accomplish eventually becomes easy, second-nature.

This isn’t an indictment of where you were before. It’s celebration of where you’ve come. You can have beautiful blooms as part of your ordinary, everyday experience. And those blooms you see? Take a minute to appreciate the smell of them, congratulating yourself for the work you’ve done planting, fertilizing and tending to them all along. They don’t grow overnight. And you’re not a sucky gardener because you didn’t plant the prettiest ones long ago. Gardens change and grow as your needs and therefore the growing conditions change. It’s all part of the natural cycles of life.

Have you seen the transition from struggle to ordinary in any areas you’ve been working on?

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Eight of Pentacles, Osho Zen

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  1. I have. And I have to be careful to appreciate that feeling and not feel as if it’s stagnant. If that makes sense. Sometimes, I feel like if something becomes incorporated and takes less effort then I need to work to challenge myself in that area. I don’t take the time to just enjoy where I am and relish that part of it. I’m slowly learning that there is no shame in taking your time when you are at this point. Enjoy it. Rest. I’ve worked hard. Take a minute to see where I’ve gotten.

    1. I completely agree, Josi. That’s the part we forget sometimes, to credit ourselves for how far we’ve come. That counts, and those good feelings stay with us and energize us moving forward.

  2. I’m one of those who wishes I would’ve gotten “it” earlier. It’s just that it’s taken such a long long time, that I’ve had to give up on some dreams. Naturally, that makes me very very sad. They were things I would’ve liked to have experienced. I guess that’s life.

  3. A grand reminder! Thank you, Dixie, as always. I spent a lot of my life looking back and thinking “if I had only…” Yeah. It doesn’t work that way. Blessings to all who I miss seeing here regularly – the job is kicking my butt as we head to Black Friday, but I think of you all so often!

  4. There are things from the past when discovered I was devastated I didn’t know earlier; however’ upon reflection it was MUCH better for ALL involved when and how it was finally revealed.

    After going through a recent HUGE transition (with your help thank you very much!) I’ve worried about my new found authentic self not being fully integrated just yet. It’s interesting I wasn’t worried about what the future holds but more concerned how I’ll respond to it. Only time will fully tell but I do feel more prepared every day I’m more the original shiny ME!

    This isn’t an “Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz type thought where Dorothy sings;

    Somehwere over the rainbow
    Bluebirds fly.
    Birds fly over the rainbow.
    Why then, oh why can’t I?

    This is a realization that we’re already flying! We just need to keep flying forward on our path and not worry about what we didn’t know/see/understand – maybe the universe didn’t think it was time for us to have that info.

    GREAT STUFF DIXIE! As soon as I saw the rainbow I immediately thought of Dorothy, she sang this song at the beginning of the movie before her journey started – INTERESTING!! :rainbow:

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