January 30

01/30/12: Workin’ It! | 8 of Pentacles



“All things are difficult before they are easy.” Thomas Fuller

Today’s Tarot is the Eight of Pentacles (Virgo sun). It’s interesting to see this after yesterday’s reversed Seven of Pentacles. Life goes on, eh? You keep working and moving forward. As with any of the Tarot Eights, dedication, perseverance and plain old hard work serves well here.

Be it traditional work or personal growth work, the message today is simple: keep doing it! It does, indeed, matter. And you can have accomplishments to feel proud of through your work. Because you deserve it!

How’s your work going?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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  1. My work is going great! Nice to say that after a long dull spell. Maybe this Mars Rx period is what I need to pull some old projects off the shelf. I worked long hard hours this past week on a pet project and the results are pleasing.

    Love the 8P card!

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