January 27

01/27/12: In Fate’s Hands | 8 of Wands, Wheel of Fortune



8_of_WandsTarot_10_Wheel_of_Fortune Today’s Tarot forecast is the Eight of Wands/Mercury in Sagittarius (here, “Positive Movement Forward”) and the Wheel of Fortune/Jupiter (“Destiny”). While I certainly don’t equate the Eight of Wands with positive outcomes, it is true that when you see this card, the sense of things being “up in the air” is generally short-lived. That in and of itself provides comfort.

What I see here is similar to what we were looking at yesterday: conclusions come, in their own time and space. There is nothing left to be done. It’s in the hands of fate now. But that’s okay. Because it’s how it should be.

Are you feeling this?

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Eight of Wands, Psychic Tarot Oracle, Wheel of Fortune

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  1. Yes..oh yes. These two cards popped up for me lately. And the nature of the times feels very much like “Now, let the chips (wands) fall where they may.”

    Much love to you Dixie!
    :pig: :rainbow: :pig:

  2. “..things being “up in the air” is generally short-lived” At least until February 28th er I mean 29th SNORT!

    However, you don’t equate this with a positive outcome I guess it’s all perspective and it’s as it should be.

    Wise words my friend

    1. Of course, other cards can modify the interpretation of any card. Everything is in context – including the pairing of the cards and the specific wording of the question asked. Generally, I’m going to read the Chariot and the Star paired with 8 of Wands as an optimistic outcome, yeah. Hope that helps. ~Dix

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