April 29

Eight of Swords Rx: Free Yourself from Cleaning Up the World


Sometimes, the way people see the world confuses me (and hurts my heart a little). I try not to get overly wrapped up in other people’s business–and how they think is certainly their business!–but it can bother me.

I notice assumptions, about the motivations of others, who means well and who means ill, just how the world and the people in it work. It’s the dire assumptions that almost everyone else sucks that bother me.

Moreover, there doesn’t need to be any evidence of these conclusions. Hearing it or finding it fits in with a particular explanation you’ve been exposed to is often enough.

If we tend to read life on the negative side, spending notable time disgusted or angry or scared about the state of the world or actions of others in particular, this week’s forecast has advice that will help. I’m going to do my best to take it, as I generally do. Maybe you’ll find it suits you, too.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is the Eight of Swords reversed, with advice of Ten of Wands reversed. Cards shown here from the fun and sassy Housewives’ Tarot Deck.

My Tarot people may know, I very much like to see that Eight of Swords reversed. Upright, it’s a (normally self-induced) feeling of being trapped, fearful of movement lest you hurt yourself in the process. Generally all the facts are not being processed (as the figure is often blindfolded). Reversed, there is an opportunity to free yourself from the situation in short order.

I like those exit ramps. But this one does come with a caveat from the advice card.

You’ve got to let go of your assumptions and controlling tendencies.

That housewife is trying to do all the cleaning on her own. It’s not because it’s fun or it’s entirely her job that she’s carrying all those brooms, mops and rakes. It’s because she doesn’t trust anybody else to do it properly. Can you say, “control freak?”

Stop insisting you must “clean it all up,” and proselytize others into accepting your religion. It’s not only infeasible, it’s not your place. You cannot force anyone over to your side, and even if you could, it would be wrong.

You cannot free another from their perspective, even if you find that perspective unpalatable. It’s not ours to fix!

You can only free YOU, and only from the perspective you’ve created or adopted. Others may choose to follow your example, but that’s the best we have to offer here: an example.

So this week, look for a chance to free yourself from an uncomfortable or fearful perspective. A lot of that release is done by no longer trying to fix others’ perspectives. We don’t lead by correcting wrongs nearly as much as by example.

Be the world you want to see and let others who are so inclined become inspired by your lead. You can look up or down. Which will you choose?

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