April 21

Eight of Cups: Cutting Emotional Tethers


I’ve been on a quest to pay less attention to outside world and more attention to my own world and what I’m doing within it. Being rooted in the now. Trying to live my life in ways that feel good instead of backseat driving the world.

I’d call this more of a practice than accomplishment–because honestly? It’s tidal. I have to practice every single day!

Tarot This Week

Here, we have the Eight of Water (aka the Eight of Cups) –that ship has sailed, baby! And our friendly flower, the Violet, adds the message of Faithfulness and Modesty to the mix.

This speaks of letting go of preconceived notions, over how the world should run. Not everything is yours to decide. Disengage emotional tethers to whatever isn’t working for you and aim your sights on best care you can of your own damn self instead, okay?

You are free to engage in whatever interests you want. Of course, there aren’t right or wrong things to care about. Just make sure your emotional energy is engaged primarily in ways that benefit you. Don’t tie yourself to anything that doesn’t feel good. Cut the emotional tethers if it’s beating you up. Love it and wish it well on it’s way and you’ll be free.

Peace Out.

p.s. This week featured the Good Tarot andBotanical Inspirations deck. For a 1-on-1 with Dix, holler.

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Eight of Cups, Good Tarot

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