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12/14/13: Drunk on Daydreams / 4 of Cups


“Beware what you wish for. You may get it.” –No Idea Who Said it First

Four of Cups

It’s not unusual for the people I work with to feel let down or bittersweet in the afterglow (“aftermath?”) of obtaining a long-pursued wish. The fantasy was perfect, after all. Reality is messy. Big difference! Mess sure didn’t come up in those drifting-off-to-sleep moments of wistful bliss, man.

And so much is pinned to those fantasies. Everything, and I mean EVERY-THING will suddenly and magically be all right, lovely, splendiferous and wonderful, just as soon as this wish is fulfilled!

Except it isn’t. That, my friends, is the Four of Cups right there. It’s the weighing out of what you don’t have versus what you do have.

I like this version including booze. The Four of Cups has a sense of drunkenness on daydreaming. Perspective is hazed. What you “don’t have” can overshadow what you do have.

If this is where you are at now, I’d say don’t get too drunk on the daydreams. Understand  life seldom lives up to the expectations of an advertising brochure, but often surpasses it in depth and breadth, true value.

Daydreams can serve a vital function of helping us imagine what we might do, see areas of our life we’d like to alter, or even just offering a simple, creative escape from the demands of reality. They aren’t always so helpful as a measuring stick, however.

Take what’s inspiring and upllifting from daydreaming binges and use it to inform your sober conscious decision-making. Discontent is useful as a stimulus for change. But whatever doesn’t fit into your life, you can discard as drunken aberrations.

You feeling day-dreamy?

Steampunk Tarot 
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell

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Four of Cups, Steampunk Tarot

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  1. Ah, this timing is so odd. I just dealt with an emergency involving a drunk relative. A real emergency. I’m both grateful that everyone’s okay, and really pissed off. Not with her, with the situation. I’m afraid that she’s going to feel ashamed when she’s sober, and that will just make her want to drink more.

    Also, all of this arguing. I’ve been trying to make things better, but we’ve all argued so much – she’s depressed, and been that way, and that’s the reason for the drinking, but it started before all of this.

    I haven’t known how to explain to people how I could be so depressed (whiny, according to some), and yet grateful at the same time. I find so much happiness in little things – but I need to seek it out every day, otherwise the opposite feelings can overwhelm. I have been shamed for shutting myself away in the bathroom, or watching TV marathons, but it’s what I needed to do. I *needed* that, in order to shift the feelings, and feel more human. It wasn’t self-absorption, it was survival.

    1. That is such a hard thing, Angela! I truly feel for you. It’s bitterly painful to watch someone you love sinking before your very eyes. And it can be such an isolating experience on top of it all. I’m very glad that you’ve found ways to escape at times and actively seek things to be grateful for while you try to avoid being sucked into the hole yourself. That wouldn’t serve anyone. ♥

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