December 20

12/20/13: Discouraged | 4 Cups



I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. The dreams I had not so long ago seem impossibly far off. The grind of climbing toward them doesn’t seem worth the effort of striving without satisfaction. I’ll never get there. I’m a clueless child, and I don’t understand what I’m doing or why. I just know I’m tired of trying.

This is the voice of “Discontent and Boredom,” better known as the Four of Cups.

Sometimes, it’s also my voice.

If this is where you are, I wish I had an easy answer for you. I don’t, beyond saying this feeling we get sometimes? Transitory. Like other Tarot Cups, we’re dealing in the realm of emotions, not objective facts. Emotions change. That knowledge can be helpful.

I also sometimes turn to people who love me to buoy myself. Or retreat into a book of one sort or another. Taking my head outside my own life into a bigger realm seems to help.

What helps you fend off discouragement?

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Four of Cups, Psychic Tarot Oracle

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  1. So when this card shows up, deliberately pull the Queen of Wands out and go window shopping wearing festive colors listening to happy bubblegum rock songs until you ooze so much happiness you gag the unhappy? Worth a try.

  2. Smiling at the synchronicity. Garnet is considered the happy stone by some folks. Carry a garnet stone in your pocket.

    “I also sometimes turn to people who love me to buoy myself. Or retreat into a book of one sort or another. Taking my head outside my own life into a bigger realm seems to help.”

    Excellent advice, Dixie.

    1. I do have a natural source of hope inside that doesn’t stay down too long. I’m married to a pessimist who will hammer a thing into my brain a bazillion times over to the point where I’m like … why are you with me if it’s so bad? Then he’ll back off and say he’s just being practical instead of fanciful. So long as I can take even just a few breaths facing away from him, my nature takes over and wins out.

      It’s just under a constant barrage where there’s no break from the pressure that I start to build up my temper. I’m a volcano, temper-wise, so not a great thing: dormant for a long time, but then build up and eventually blow if not given a reprieve to go back to dormancy. I don’t care about the damage caused if I blow, so long as everything’s completely different by the time I’m done. I don’t blow often.

      So when this card comes calling, I feel such a familiar pull and think of my husband. He’s under such stress right now, close to breaking with a truly evil boss, and unable to find a replacement job to get free. My nature baffles him at worst, but makes things better for him at best. Hope you have a source of hope to turn to as well.

      1. I strongly suspect some of us magical-fairy-happy types serve that function for others – giving them the hope and optimism they need to keep going. I’m happy to do it when I can.

  3. It’s also very helpful, for me, to stop focusing on what is not right and focus on what is. Example, “I burned the dang turkey we were supposed to be having for our family dinner!” Turn it around, “My family is coming togethr to have dinner. I have family..I have’s not the food we eat that will be memorable. Unless, that is, I force them to eat this charred turkey? Where’s our take-out menus?”

  4. How about this?

    I want six months on a tropical island, with everyone I love, books, movies, organic green juice, grilled everything. Followed by six months in the mountains with all of the above, plus horses, puppies, kittens and guinea pigs to snuggle up with, surrounded by the smell of fresh grass and pines.

    Then, I will return to complete every obligation to the best of my ability with enthusiasm, and take care of everyone.

    :island: :sun: :drink: :dog: :cat2:

  5. I love that today, of all days, this is listed as “2013” – would be weird/cool if you get the same card next year on the same day.

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