September 25

09/26/13: Dinner Bell! / Queen of Pentacles


Queen of Pentacles Tarot IlluminatiThe Queen of Pentacles always makes me think of dinner.While she is a mother figure much like the Empress, she’s more of a day-to-day kind of Mom, not the archetype. And it’s important to remember she also reminds us to feed ourselves.

What are you eating (or what’s eating you)? Is your physical environment healthy and well suited to your needs? Pentacles are a suit of physical manifestation (associated with the Earth element), so often they refer to the concrete, literal and physical circumstances in our lives. Not always, but frequently.

Feed your body well. Feed your mind and spirit well too, of course. But if the body suffers lack, the mind and spirit will reflect that. Some of us get so caught up in the clouds, we forget about just having dinner. We worry over intangibles, fret over might-bes and could-happens, and in general vacate “the now” for regrets from the past or fears of the future. Neither is very helpful.

The Queen is here ringing the dinner bell, to bring you back to the physical, the here and now. Time to eat!

Is your environment “feeding” you well?

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Queen of Pentacles, Tarot Illuminati

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