October 3

10/03/12: Devil did NOT make you! | Devil



Yeah, I can be my own worst enemy. And I’ve got the card today to prove it!

Speaking of which…this is absolutely my ALL TIME FAVORITE rendition of the Devil ever! I know the Housewives Tarot is not everyone’s cup of tea, but you gotta admit, this Devil Rocks!

The main point about the Devil is always the same—that bondage requires cooperation. Addictions come in many guises. Maybe you always say “Yes” because you don’t want to feel like a crummy person or your guilt switch has been tripped. Maybe you drown emotional sorrows in chocolate because it’s easier than facing them head on. It could be an unbalanced relationship just as easily as a physical addiction.

Hey! No looking at me!

We don’t get snared by the Devil in a vacuum, that much I know. Which means whenever a Devilish connection has developed, we are getting SOMETHING, and it’s a good bet whatever it is has been covered in a thick, sugary layer of denial to make it go down easier. We may start out feeling like we’re getting only good stuff, but look a little closer, take the blinders off, and you’ll realize the cost is universally too high.

As for me? I’m on board, man. My energy is WORTH protecting. I can’t do much worthwhile if I do not keep myself free, man. Thanks for the reminder, Cake Lady!

You feel the Devil in your life?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Housewives Tarot, The Devil

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  1. Recently, I have completed the math in regards to finding my Birth Cards, in doing so, I have discovered that XV The Devil & VI The Lovers are my two Birth Cards. That being said, is My Fool’s Journey to always have to fight bondage, the possibility of addiction/obsessions, the feelings of being incomplete, the challenges to not self patronize? As with the Lovers card secondary, is my Fool’s Journey to always have to choose, to always work at integrating both sides to have fulfillment? For myself the Lovers card coincides with my Zodiac sign of Gemini, does this double my struggle of two separate and individual personalities. The one outgoing, a go-getter, a force to be reckoned with when I set a goal & zone into tunnel vision until I complete the task at the risk of alienating those around me. The the lows of wanting to be alone with the propensity to fall into depressions of feeling lost when the “Goal” has been completed & trying to re-establish with those I have alienated in completing my “Goal”. I have discovered the two people closest to me, my Man of 17yrs, as well as my Mother also have these two cards as their Birth Cards. Is this something that happens often? People with the same Birth Cards attract each other? “Birds of a Feather Flock Together. ” While the relationship with both my man & my mother have been volatile more often than smooth, are the predestined foundations & attributes of these cards, our Fool’s Journey, to learn control over the shallowness, destructive qualities inherent of these cards? As well as the ability to complete achievements and crow about it, to an extent. We have difficulties in seeing the other’s point of view (PoV), or rather, believe our own PoV is all that is right, discarding the other’s? Are we in fact allowing the Devil’s propensity for creating adversity? It seems like we are always butting heads. Now, don’t get me wrong, we all have been on the same page wherein great things come of our connected efforts & have created extraordinary results. In the realm of Astrology I was born under the sign of Gemini, my man an Aquarius & my mother a Leo, with all of the traits that come with these Zodiac signs, how do they affect the Birth Cards fundamental attributes?

  2. I waltz with the Devil every day, Dixie. More than one of the temptations in the Housewives card is well-known to me. That chocolate cake? There’s one in my freezer I bought just yesterday for “emergencies.”

  3. Ahhhhh… addictions……. mine look harmless, but it makes them all the worst for ~appearing~ ‘good’!! You know… ‘too much of a good thing’… I’m the queen of that. signed: Saint or Sinner?

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