January 29

01/30/13: Naming that Addiction| Devil



Ohhhh man! It wasn’t so long ago we had this card, from the Zombie Tarot no less.

I would have been writing this up sooner, but I was getting all OCD over an making an email template look just perfect.


Point taken, Tarot, point taken.

Yes, I get all crazy about certain things, get majorly OCD and then drive myself nuts. It’s a completely self-generated prison and it’s totally addictive, getting everything “just so” when my Virgo gets all fired up.

“But it looks soooo pretty…” I say.

You know.

Sort of like saying, “But man, those Marlboros taste sooooo good.”


Y’all will be getting a newsletter in a few days. I am betting it will look damn good. Har!

What’s your addiction?

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions
The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead

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The Devil, Zombie Tarot

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  1. I’m so Neptuney, it would be easier to list what I’m NOT addicted too. LOL
    1) …uhhhhh….and I cannot even think of anything.

  2. In my humble housewife opinion FEAR causes alot of addictions; I’ve experienced it myself. As in “oohh I need to know what this person means in our lives & will/they won’t they” but the reality was I just wanted my family members safe. That WAS a fear based addiction.

    Chocolate & vodka are a different topic all together

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