March 27

03/27/12: Third Eye Devilishness? Devil



Pulling from the Psychic Tarot oracle for today, I got the Devil (Capricorn) and one of this deck’s special cards, the Third Eye Chakra. There can be a big temptation to see what you want to see. Is it a sign from above, or confirmation bias? That’s the question.

One of the hallmarks for me of psychic vision is that it’s so often surprising. Not always, of course, but if it’s repetitive especially, or unexpected, that’s a good indication I’ve got a hit.

This doesn’t mean you ain’t getting what you think you are getting. You could be. But if anything OTHER than the ideas you’re already attached to is not allowed through, you really are limiting yourself needlessly. What source provides has a whole lot more punch than just your little bit of imagination. It’s the difference between finite and infinite…flexibility serves.

I’ll cop to having done this at times. I’ve found I can get more perspective if I pull back, let go, and make it less about me and what I want. I don’t run the universe, after all. Plenty of free will to go around. My real choice here? Emotional attachment, man. That’s it. If you loosen that grip, the universal flow works a LOT better!

Do you have tendency to see just what you want?

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  1. Emotional attachment, man. That’s it. If you loosen that grip, the universal flow works a LOT better!

    Boy, did you hit the nail on the head with that! I’ve been looking at that lately, but you summed it all up in 2 short sentences. Talk about Zen Koan. Thank you for that.

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