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07/27/12: What can I do? | Devil



“Lead me not into temptation; I can find the way myself.” Rita Mae Brown

Ah, the Devil! I’ve been accused of being in league with him a time or two. Ha!Tarot’s Devil is not literal, of course, but speaks to addictions, bondage, i.e. the proverbial chains that bind. He’s all about restrictions. Where do you feel trapped, what straightjacket can you not seem to slip off? This is where the Devil’s energy is manifest.

The trick with the Devil is recognizing your own role in the situation. Fear is his nightstick, used to keep the prisoners in line. He is master of the darkness and it’s courtesy darkness that he maintains power over us. If we were to look carefully, turn up the light and willingly take a long, (admittedly) hard look in the mirror, we’d see the reality he’d just as soon have us ignore.

What is it that you tell yourself is “impossible” to resolve? What part of your life leaves you feeling trapped, imprisoned, without options? This is where the Devil resides.

To break free, first you must be willing to question assumptions about reality. You must rethink what’s possible. You must be ready to rewrite your personal rules instead of accepting them as fact, take responsibility, and no longer fall back on the old standby, “There’s nothing I can do.” Even if the “something” you can do is but changing your outlook. This is HARD for sure, but it is necessary if you’d free yourself from his bondage.

Facing addiction, willingness to face consequences, and relinquishing control of others (while exercising control of self) is how you defeat the Devil and break yourself free. It’s not always fun, but in my opinion, freedom is worth the trouble.

Have you ever felt the Devil’s chains?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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Morgan-Greer, The Devil

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  1. Money. <— That's my devil. My fear of not being able to do what I need to do if I don't have it. Eats me up. I've already begun to work on that, because, as an excellent pastor said in a sermon years ago, "Fear is to the devil and prayer is to God." It's past time to turn on the light in this regard.

    Love you, Dixie!!

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