October 18

Devil Reversed: Trapped? Maybe Not


I volunteered to help a friend with a business project. The end result will benefit us both, so it seemed fair that I contribute. We discussed what was needed, and everybody was happy with the arrangement, so I got busy.

And I despised every minute of working it…

I literally hated it. It was just painful. I found the thought of fighting my way though the whole thing both depressing and overwhelming.

I mean, it really shouldn’t have been that difficult, but it was. I intensely regretted making the offer. As I was guiltily contemplating backing out, I finally started to unwind enough to ask myself some questions.

“Why is this so painful? What is making me feel so trapped?”

I knew the feelings weren’t about laziness, time crunch or lack of interest. My intentions were good. I am bright enough to accomplish the task. But I did notice I was trying approach it all exactly his way.

To a point, that makes sense. His name is going on it. The result must meet his standards. I’m more than happy to defer to his (legitimate) authority on what’s needed.

But MY process doesn’t have to match his. I am not him! I don’t have the same expertise or inclinations. It wasn’t the work that was making me crazy. It was trying to do the work in a way that wasn’t natural to me. Realizing this, I experimented using my own approach and bam! Everything started to flow.

Now, doing it my own way means he’ll have to make more adjustments himself. But I can get him most of the way there, much faster and happier, if I approach the task in a way that’s organic to me. So that’s what I’m offering up instead.

Next week, you might ask similar questions if you find yourself feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Difficult situations could become much more manageable if you call upon intuition as guide.

Next Week in Tarot

Devil Reversed High Priestess

For outlook, we’ve got The Devil reversed. Advice comes via the unassuming-but-don’t-underestimate-her High Priestess. Cards pictures from the colorful Crystal Visions Tarot deck.

The reversed Devil suggests that feelings of being stuck, trapped, or otherwise unable to move forward may be “a thing” next week. The week may also feature strong temptations to give up or flat out quit anything that appears to be the source of frustration.

I expect to see these themes display both in personal spheres as well as baked into larger, more public stories throughout the week. Being slow to jump into (any) fray would definitely be a boon in such an environment. Just a word to the wise…

But if we’re talking personal matters particularly, let’s not forget the nature of the Devil card. With the Devil, the sense of bondage is frequently self-induced. At the very least, we’ve contributed to putting ourselves in the cage here. With the card coming in reversed, we can expect the chance to free ourselves, though.


Well, instead of giving up or relying on brute force to fight through, just pause.

Call upon the wisdom of the High Priestess. Do nothing at first. Take a step back. Achieve some emotional distance. Once you’re feeling calm and grounded, ask questions.

“What’s making me feel this way? How can I resolve it? “

You may not get an immediate answer. Often, I don’t. But once the question is out there, the untangling starts.

The High Priestess governs intuition: she slips answers into quiet spaces. So you might see something on a show or hear a phrase that triggers a thought. A sense of knowing may just come to you while you’re watching the birds. You might just wake up from a nap or hop into a shower and suddenly understand. This is how the High Priestess communicates with us.

Of course, this is pretty much how I would always suggest you go about solving problems. But this week, Tarot choose to emphasize the point. So be it.

Be well out there, friends.

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Crystal Visions Tarot, High Priestess, The Devil

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