April 14

04/15/14: Rehab Without a Bag / Devil Reversed


Devil Reversed Meaning

What a card for what a day! We’ve got some serious Eclipse action, tax day and in general, the mood seems to be amped up and hot. So seeing a reversed Devil as “the answer” seems to fit the mood to me!

It’s a Full moon, folks, and a supercharged one at that. Full moons are a time to release. You have a crack in the wall, an escape route, an open window today to let go of something significant, remove an obstacle from your life. Why not take it?

And we ARE talking the Devil card: there may be an addiction, a sense of being imprisoned, but it’s illusion. In most versions of this card, the chains are loosely bound.

My general sense around this day is that you can make a quick escape from what’s holding you back, provided you are prepared to leave behind some baggage. It may be intimidating or scary to leave behind said baggage, but it’s the only way you’re going to slip away from those obstacles.

Since we’re in the Aries/Libra axis, we’re talking about self and other. Aries is associated with the 3rd Chakra, the seat of our power and self-identity. Libra is associated with the heart chakra, the place where we give and receive love.

Whatever situation you feel imprisoned by, you can likely slip away from today, particularly if you’re willing to leave some old baggage behind. Especially in the realm of this Lunar eclipse, where the me/we vibration needs a healthy balance, you have the opportunity to let go of whatever is stopping you. Today, I see the answer as heading straight into rehab, without stopping to pack your bags. Don’t want to miss the ride.

Do you have something to release today?

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