November 25

Devil Reversed: Beyond the Chains


Every week, I draw the cards for you. And every week, I read the cards for me.

“What does it all meeeeeeaaaaaan?”

A question that echoes in my mind, more often than not. Especially on those days when my thoughts are a whirlwind of ‘what-ifs’ and ‘maybes.’

Lately, it seems, these days are more the rule than the exception. And guess what? The cards for next week seem to be acutely aware of what I’m up to over here!

Next week in the Cards

Outlook is the Devil reversed. Advice is the Two of Wands. Deck is Legacy of the Divine.

When the Devil shows up, it’s a signal. It’s a nudge to remind us that many of our prisons are self-constructed. (But really, aren’t they all, in one way or another?)

Next week offers a chance to wriggle out of whatever shackles we’ve clamped on ourselves. It might be something as intangible as a fear of the unknown, or something as concrete as deep-seated habits we’ve overlooked.

Regardless of its nature, there will be a newfound clarity, a different lens to view these binds, and yes, an ‘exit’ sign will be brightly lit. The choice to step through that door, however, is entirely ours.

Now, the Two of Wands isn’t about the cold, hard logic of pros and cons—that’s the realm of the Two of Swords. Instead, the Two of Wands beckons us to tune into our passions.

Ask yourself: What ignites your spirit? What paths seem thrilling, electrifying? These aren’t just whims; they are significant signposts. They guide us in navigating the choices of the coming week. It’s time to elevate our daydreams to the realm of actionable plans.

This week is a call to action: to recognize some of those self-imposed limits and to dare to dream a little bigger, a little bolder, even without all the answers to all the questions. We’ll keep finding new questions as we go. But for now, it’s all about finding freedom and direction in what truly excites us. So, let’s not just fantasize about possibilities; let’s start laying down the tracks towards them.

And be well out there, friends!

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Devil, Legacy of the Divine, Two of Wands

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