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02/05/12: Look in the Mirror | The Devil



“Observe all men, thyself most.” –Benjamin Franklin

Today’s Tarot is a very interesting take on the Devil (Capricorn, or Saturn for CJ) from Osho Zen: Conditioning. The book mentions the image illustrates an old Zen story: A lion was raised by sheep and believed he was a sheep, until another lion kidnapped him and showed him his own reflection in the water.

When we see ourselves exclusively through others’ eyes, it does limit options. It’s a kind of bondage, where the true self has to go through the “acceptable” filter and all be fit into another person’s frame of reference. That is a type of trap.

You can believe (quite easily) what others reflect of who you are. No doubt, other’s reactions can give you information. But for the definitive declarations, look in the mirror.

Have you peeked lately?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
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  1. I love that interpretation of The Devil and that Zen story. This is the story of my life. It took me years and years to get out from the bondage of others’ perceptions. I was so codependent. It really was a form of bondage. As an aside, I’m a Leo, too.

    1. I know what you mean – I am a Leo too, but hard to guess at times apart for the usual visual signs, hair etc….

      Co-dependancy is a killer of self creation – it blocks the imagination, creativity – the essence of new life and brings death to self worth – you just see yourself as others want you to see.

      The thing is, I am not the co-dependant one, but cant escape the schakles of those around me – guilt trip is an understatment – apparently I am the reason they are like they are and I am going to suffer for it (bearing in mind I wasnt part of their initial development – wasnt around then – I am now just a victim of their cirucmstances)

      I have never had the opportunity to be the person I know I am – the mirror is still there – just a veil of darkness that needs to lift.

      But still havent found the strength to do it yet.

      1. Innertransition (love the name), I love what you wrote!

        Today’s tarot made me think of my daughter & how she views herself due to some VERY active betrayal on her part, things came out 3 years ago but the lack of truth had gone on for 3 years prior to discovery. Some of it was for protection & to keep her head above water. As her mother it was hard to understand she couldn’t confide in me but much more importantly I think she was brave for how she handled this, she was very strong. The 2nd part was EXTREMELY ACTIVE betrayal to keep us from finding out about someone she was dating, even pretending to like someone else to throw us off. It was painful to realize how active her betrayal was & even though everything came out 3 years ago I know she used the pretend guy to soften things at the time & long after that. To this day I still FEEL the kick in the gut when there’s a tweak with anything surrounding that entire situation, I mean literally my mouth goes dry. I know she feels horribly guilty for how she handled things but it lasted longer than it should’ve and sadly I know I still look at her with a very leary eye.

        “I have never had the opportunity to be the person I know I am-the mirror is still there – just a veil of darkness that needs to lift. But still haven’t found the strength to do it yet.” My daughter could’ve written this & it makes me sad in knowing the impact I continue to have on her to this day which I’m sure doesn’t allow her to fully find her own voice. Initially I thought of how I’m the sheep in this story holding up a mirror; however, after reading Innertransition’s post I think I’m holding up a picture NOT a mirror. Yes it’s a picture she painted which led to me viewing her with less trust but good Lord it’s been 3 years since discovery you think I could throw it away already – she deserves a clean mirror with no veil. Innertransition, you deserve this as well and I hope you find the strength to do this.

        Thanks Dixie for today’s tarot & bigger thanks to Innertransition for your brave posting, Good luck to you on finding your inner strength to drop the veil (((I))).

        Sorry for the long post & now I’m off to google Codependency. Hugs to all

  2. You surprised me this morning, Dixie! Yes, that ol’ Devil Saturn can certainly pull a number on us. This card is such a great representation of “imposter syndrome,” one of Saturn’s biggest tricks. We all need to clean off our mirrors once in a while to get a good look instead of checking ourselves in other people’s eyes. I’ve been peeking a lot recently, metaphorically and in the real mirror and I’m seeing a different person after my second Saturn return. Pleased with some of what I see, but certainly not all. The Devil can show me the image, but I’ve got to do the work, all while expanding my comfort level.

    Thanks, Dixie. You’re THE BEST!

  3. My daughter is home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html for the weekend so I printed out today’s tarot & gave it to her to see what she thought & if it could possibly open a dialogue. She read this in front of me & when she finished she looked at me as said…

    “I know the lion here and I’m sure in the story once the lion saw it’s reflection it ate the sheep” Smart Ass kid!!!

    Thanks Dixie, it did start a great conversation!!

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