September 27

09/27/12: Look up! | Devil


20120920_160417 (449x620)I’ve dated people at times who were not kind. Some used my own neediness as ball and chain. I’ve been cheated on, smacked, stolen from, lied to and otherwise abused. (Damn, I appreciate my husband now.)

But back then, I didn’t just walk away. Instead, I suffered. I felt like I had no options, or at least not any good ones. I felt like I had no support, and I would not be able to survive without whatever crumbs I gathered in the wake of dysfunction.

I felt like I had no place to turn. I did, but I didn’t realize it.

This is the energy of the Devil. It’s not the evil that imprisons, it’s self.

So that job, that mate, that client, that situation, whatever it is, that you are trapped by? What’s YOUR role? Why do you stay? What fear keeps you trapped.

That’s the connection. For the Devil to work his conjure, you must be complicit. Not necessarily conscious of the why’s and how’s mind you, but one way or another, you must be a participant to remain ensnared.

Maybe he initially lures you in with money, or the promise of love. Maybe it’s reassurance. Maybe it’s glamor, or fame, or validation or the biggest one of all, unconditional love.

Maybe he hints at healing, but you’ll never be healed by Devil, for healthy, strong people leave his prison. His power requires subservience, confusion, guilt, or weakness. He chains through fears.

See the chain in the picture? It’s tiny. She could snap it with a single, definitive motion and be on her way. But she doesn’t even have to. Her prison is open from the side. The key is right above her, and holds the answer for freeing yourself from the Devil as well.

Let go of the fear. Look UP. You do have the key within your reach. You always have.

Do you have a Devil in your life?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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Shadowscapes, The Devil

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  1. Oh, that is just the BEST interpretation of that card, thank you. The old traditional deck card always triggered fear in me! If the point is to let go of fear, this card and your suggestions, make it much more likely. Thanks!

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