July 24

07/24/12: Moving on…| Death



“Death is the tyrant of the imagination.” Barry Cornwall

Death is “one of THOSE cards.” You know. Ack! Death!  I’m not so Pollyanna to say that it reflects an easy energy by a long shot. From my experience, this cards speaks to situations that are exceptionally difficult and painful.

It also generally speaks to a dying away that is pretty much universally necessary. Maybe it could have been stopped, earlier on. But by the time you see death, eh, not so much. We’re past the point of return.

WHAT is rotted and tainted in your life? What no longer belongs?

LET GO. It’s the only way. The harder you fight, the worse it hurts. The more you keep it alive in your head, the longer it takes for the pain to relent.

Like fertilizer, the past dies to feed the future. It’s all part of the same cycle. Much of the horror over this energy is internal, because we never know what we’re actually paving the way for by letting go. What is sure is that by crying your tears and feeling your pain now, it makes letting go easier. Willingness to lay the past to rest is what makes the future possible.

Can you relate to Death energy at present?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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Death, Morgan-Greer

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  1. Oh, yes. My grandmother died last week and she was a very Plutonian influence. And I’m trying to let go of past fears about relationship power struggles. So yes.

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