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11/22/12: Words that Kill | Death, Page Swords


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Happy Thanksgiving to my US folks! Sorry to say, this forecast is a bit on the ominous side. But if you heed it, perhaps it can save you some stress! Here’s hoping it’s utterly irrelevant, though…

The combination of the Page of Swords and Death speaks to me as words that kill. Not so literally, of course…but lies told, agreements abandoned, and nasty, hurtful sarcasm delivered “with respect” or “without judgment” are neither—and don’t think spewing disclaimers or speaking in polite tones somehow cancels ugly intention. Nobody is buying that bullshit.

One kills relationships, destroys partnerships, and creates pain, both for others (and often themselves) by virtue of  impulsive, inconsiderate or detached words, spoken without considering impact. Yeah, maybe it’s cathartic to release a little venom. But poison is still poison.

Whether there is another chance, whether something new is forged in the wake, who knows? What’s for damn sure is whatever the mouth has dismantled, it’s permanently done, dead and gone! No going back. True, it often has reached a point where it needs to die, if this is where we find ourselves. But it could have gone much cleaner, if you ask me.

Regardless though, the practice of running with a knife probably isn’t such a great idea. Sooner or later, you’re going to trip. The mouth can be instrument of tremendous healing or a tremendous weapon. Words have great power—particularly upon those who care enough to care what you have to say, you know? How do you want to wield that power?

Consider carefully in choosing your own words.

Have you found impulsive communication deadly to your own relationships?

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Death, Page of Swords, Transparent Tarot

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  1. I learned the hard way the power of words. I have always been quick and sharp with my tongue. And, the universe saw fit to put in my path a few people who inherited that trait, as well, showing exactly how hurtful it was.
    I’ve learned. I’ve tried really hard to change. So, hopefully now, I can use words to empower as much as I’ve used them to cut. Good reminder for those of us under the crunch of cooking and packed houses. Be blessed. Not bewildered.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Josi, are you my long lost twin? =)
    I’m exactly the same way. In fact, I wish I had seen this a few hours earlier =/. Unfortunately, our day starts a little earlier here in Europe and the damage has already been done.
    Oh boy, did I trip with that knife today.
    But like you say, Dixie, it had probably reached a point where it needed to die.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Ingrid, I’ve definitely had my fair share of days like that too. I’m sorry yours started off poorly. Hopefully today will be better. Moving forward is all we can do

  3. I had a dentist appointment today and when I got presented with the bill it felt like “death by message” – or in other words, the bill was killing me. This also caused me “dark thoughts” on an otherwise gorgeous day.

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