April 29

04/29/12: Compost | Death


“The death of what’s dead is the birth of what’s living.” Arlo Guthrie

“Really? Really, Tarot? You’re gonna give me Death today?” I talk back to my cards. They snicker. Don’t even wait until I’m not looking.

I had been drawing cards from the Well-Worn Path decks, which I have affectionately dubbed my “Witch Deck,” and had just pulled “Summerland,” is more or less the equivalent to Death (associated Pluto).

Coming in after the Nine of Wands and the Six of Swords, me talking about the Underworld and Mercury crossing the River Styx. And what’s next but Death.

Never let anybody tell you the cards don’t have a sense of humor.

I’m wondering if he’d write about it. Mercury is the messenger, after all. The message today tells us that whatever “it” is for you has become yesterday’s news. You may be destroyed or relieved or both but functionally, it’s a moot point.

I’ve never known Tarot’s Death to occur in isolation, though, and that’s what you look for now—what comes after? When clinging to the old isn’t possible, you pull out your broom, sweep those broken pieces up for the rubbish pile, and start taking stock.

Where am I now, versus where do I want to be? How can I take one step closer to where I want to be? What can I learn from the experience?

One of the gifts people seldom mention about Death, Tarot or otherwise: freedom. Whatever is gone, whatever has changed, you’re no longer tethered as before. There IS transformation because there is no other option. It’s just like composting. That rotting mass is what’s going to make your garden beautiful, if you use it right.

Your choice, now.

Are you feeling this, friends?

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Death, Legacy of the Divine

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  1. Sorry, but I really did laugh when I read todays card “Death” after yesterdays, “9 Wands” as you had literally preempted its predecessor. I have just left my job after nearly 20 years for a fresh start, new beginings. I was so worried if I am making the right choice (health reasons as well) – then your card pull for the 9 Wands was there – saying dont stop now !!!! So today, yes, its all yesterdays news – and like after Death – new beginings.

    And yes, the cards really do have a sense of humour

    1. I guess it is like preempting the 9 of Wands, huh? I was thinking of it more in terms of cycles, 9’s being toward the end and survival in that of the individual prevailing over specific circumstances but yes, that’s a very good point.

      Good luck on your fresh start, Carole!

  2. Well, I am really embracing this one, so thanks for the push. I can feel the weight of some stuff I have been holding onto, that I really need to let go of. It has felt like so much tension in me, in my body, that I know it will be a huge relief to be free from it. Feels related to old fears waging a last stand battle in me, but we both know they are about to die, are dying today, because the time has come! Good riddance. No tears of sadness about this death, and am already beginning to feel lighter.

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