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Everyday Tarot, 05/20/11: Misunderstood Strength / Queen of Swords


Queen of SwordsAs someone who counsels others, I’m not without awareness it’s a whole lot easier to give suggestions than to take them. Knowing intellectually and knowing emotionally are two entirely different animals, and the twain doesn’t always meet. Feelings are a strength, but it also takes strength to manage them!

Today’s Tarot is the Queen of Swords, or “Queen of the Thrones of Air,” associated with Water in Air. She is able to bridge that gap between the intellectual and emotional, doing what needs to be done.

Some folks read this queen as cold or calculating, but I don’t buy that for a minute! Just because her feelings don’t dictate her decisions doesn’t mean she’s lacking in empathy. It may even be she has so many feelings, she uses the rational power (Air) of her suit to compensate, and thus her to function. For this queen, the bottom line has the final say.

In other words, the Queen of Swords is not a bitch! She’s a pragmatist. There is a big difference. She prunes what’s no longer working, even while sentimental notions of what was once beautiful continues to tug at her heartstrings. She still makes sound decisions, damn it, often based on a cost-benefit analysis. She keeps the greater good in mind doing what needs to be done to defend herself and loved ones.

Queen of Swords Conquers Dragons
Painting by Paolo Uccello (1397–1475)

The Queen of Cups or the Queen of Pentacles may win more popularity awards. They feel a lot more nurturing and motherly. But we can turn to the Queen of Swords to get the hard jobs done—effectively. She’s formidable to any who would stand in her way, and is exactly the kind of person you’d want on your side when you need a tough job accomplished.

I’ve called upon the Queen of Swords energy when dealing with substance abuse in family members, making important decisions about my future, and even managing sticky interpersonal problems for an online community. The reality-based, outcome-oriented approach can save much grief if wielded with a Queen’s compassion. The Water and Air energy compliments, each supporting the other.

Call on the Queen of Swords when you have a tough job to do—she can slice right through the bullshit, thwart any would-be obstacles, and make sure the outcome is executed fairly and with an even hand. Because she’s already thought it through, she can slay dragons without dangerous hesitation or regret. That’s a powerful ally, to have or to be.

You have any of the Queen of Swords in you?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot (Book & Cards)
by Heidi Darras

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  1. Ha! This is totally the card I get for myself these days. It wavers between this and Queen of Cups (she’s the one underneath it all.) I’d like to think I’m as strong as the Queen of Swords. But misunderstood indeed.

  2. Amen to this sister. I think first, act second, and feel last. I think you just perfectly described my Cappy house 10 moon and Lillith. Plus I have Mercury, Mars, Moon, Venus in that order.

  3. The Queen of Swords is me. I’m the one who keeps her head in a crisis. I’m the one who gets out there and gets things done. I’m the one who is able to amputate, even people who I love more than anything, when I finally “get” the fact that they are harmful to me.
    No, none of this means that I have no emotions. In fact, my emotions run deep, very deep. But, when the time comes, I have to fall back on my sword to keep me, and sometimes others, safe.

  4. My first thought was “no, I’m a total wimp” but I’ve actually done what was necessary when pushed a little too far… I had to file three lawsuits against a former roomate and won after she walked all over me for years and then threatened to kill my pet birds when I was at work. I hate confrontation, but if I have to do it I try to win. I’m underestimated, but I definitely know each person’s vulnerability if I had to use it in a survival mode.

  5. @Sofie- Congrats… I totally understand you are coming from. I have felt like a doormat in the past. no more. In fact, if the heart strings start being pulled… I get a sharper knife… Cutting the cords and I generally don’t like back… Karmic relationships and situations are best to learn quickly and get out. Once they think they have you… surprise them. turn it on them by pulling the rug, cut the cords and walking away with a smile and giggle. I love the Queen of Swords. Like you said, Dixie… good friend to have around. Tough cookie with a heart of gold.

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