May 17

Everyday Tarot, May 17, 2011: And…Exhale / Inverted Four of Swords


inverted-four-swords-daily-tarot-forecast-housewives.jpgWith the sky lighting up Taurus now, we’re moving from our testosterone-enhanced spring, and energy has downshifted. Whatever you started under the Mars itch will begin to feel more settled as you move your attention to the day-to-day living of it. Now is when the vision gets fleshed out in the real world, but like anything that’s got the Bull’s hoof prints on it, it doesn’t happen fast!

Four of SwordsToday’s Tarot is the inverted Four of Swords or “Lord of Rest from Strife,” associated with Jupiter in Libra. Man, rest from strife sounds nice, huh? Most often when I see this card, I think, “And…exhale.” Because it shows up with the situation is stable (Tarot Fours) and you’ve got a window of opportunity for a nap—refresh and regenerate is the first order of business. It will clear your head (Tarot Swords). Inverted, we’re not in full on rest mode, but may be moving into in, moving out of it, or in sore need of it!

The traditional version of the Four of Swords shows a stained glass window—he’s in a spiritual sanctuary, where he can lay down his sword and let go of his worries completely. He’s so withdrawn he looks almost dead! Just like our cucumber-eyed housewife, the break from the world gives needed clarity and energy when it’s time to return to the battle, be it a sword fight to the death or just sales day at Macy’s.

I’m finding my rhythm here at A Fool’s Journey and doing the day-to-day work of fleshing out what I’ve started on the tail end of the Aries party. It’s a lot less stress than launching a new site…and a lot slower going. I’m right here with the inverted Four of Swords, and see our happy housewife’s beauty routine as a great reminder that I  best shine if I schedule time for me. Don’t want those pores to start clogging on me. And…breathe.

Are you getting a chance to exhale yet?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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  1. You did it AGAIN Dixie, it all resonates with me again

    I was just thinking along these lines. I am sensitive to Taurus energy, as I have my Sun and Venus in early Taurus (0-4 degrees) and my Descendant in Taurus too. I certainly feel it. I started feeling it after the Full Moon’s culmination (wrote about it shortly on EE). I’m done with the fighting and the violent breaking free phase and I am moving on to the quiet “day-to-day living my new life” phase, while still slowly expanding because Jupiter is on my natal Taurus placements too. But this is a different kind of an energy, compared to Aries time, a different kind of expansion.

    And…. breathe! (I can do that)

    1. Ah, glad to hear it resonates, SMG. I’m excited to see what moves in to fill the void you’ve created. I know it’s got to be better than what it’s replacing.

      1. No doubt it’s got to be better. As to what it is, I have no idea so far but it’s great. It can be anything or anyone, really, and I am excited to find out too.

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