August 9

08/09/11: Ending Emotional Stalemate | 2 Wands, 8 Cups, Page Cups


transparent-tarot-daily-forecastThere’s a lot of disruption out there. Many relationships are strained. If you want to start afresh or significantly alter the dynamics, a smart approach gives you a huge head-start to being successful.

  • Accept individual perspective and priorities differ; theirs as precious to them as yours to you. Maybe you’ve got mixed feelings or frustration over differences, but you don’t have to agree, to be respectful. You will doesn’t trump merely because it stems from you. (Two of Wands/Lord of Dominion/Mars in Aries)
  • Decide what issues can be released without abandoning yourself. Some details are negotiable where others should not be. Not every hill is important enough to die on, although some surely are. Know the difference. Bonus: it doesn’t count as “letting go” if you just shut your mouth but remain wound up. Ha! Limit emotion over peripheral issues. remaining closely aligned with your higher principles. Then you can travel lighter. (Eight of Cups/Lord of Abandoned Success/Saturn in Pisces)
  • Proceed forward in good faith, with an open heart. Knowing you’ve truly set aside the unimportant, what’s remaining is reflective of your higher self, your most important vision. You’ve cut out the extraneous already. What’s left is a guidebook for living with emotional integrity. (Page of Cups/Princess of the Waters/Earth in Water)

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The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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Eight of Cups, Page of Cups, Transparent Tarot, Two of Wands

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  1. My husband and I were just not-fighting about this last night.

    Husband (money = entertainment = love)
    Me (money = food = love)

    I was raised to believe, more than any other thing in my life, that if you love someone, you feed them good food. My husband blames my mother, but it really isn’t just her. Every special church service had home/dixiblog/domains/ food to share. Every family event had home/dixiblog/domains/ food or else “special” food like at a restaurant or something.

    My husband was raised that food is fuel, life is hard … fun is to be cherished and shared. He also learned that very rarely does fun come free or even cheap.

    This may not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to spending hard-earned money, these two things are hard-wired into us. He automatically spends on little silly things for his games. I automatically find ways to upgrade our food level when possible. If I can’t afford baby brie and apples for a snack even with a coupon and a sale, I can get something that doesn’t have a ton of salt, fat and strange chemical names in it with a coupon and a sale.

    After the scorcher of a non-fight we had last night, I decided that it’s ok. I don’t feel guilty about showing my love through preventing starvation anymore, even though he doesn’t understand it at all. I have moved his spontaneous “upgrade” spending into the “cute things my husband does that matter to him but make no sense to me” category.

    What actually matters for both of us money-wise is that we have some fun, the taxes are set aside, the bills are paid, the cars have gas, food of some type is available, painkiller is on hand and the pets are healthy and happy.

  2. “Bonus: it doesn’t count as “letting go” if you just shut your mouth but remain wound up. Ha! ”

    Hey..are you talking to me? LOL (that was my best mafia voice by the way)

    :turtle: :turtle:

  3. ” Bonus: it doesn’t count as “letting go” if you just shut your mouth but remain wound up. Ha!” OMG Josi asked if you were talking to her (in her mafia voice) but I KNOW you’re talking to me on this one.

    With recent discoveries I can’t PRETEND to be disinterested (my family knows me to well) I MUST continue to unwind & stay away from the gerbil wheel. I’m loving how much easier it is now hehe!

    Great stuff again! (((D)))

  4. I’m keeping my mouth ZIPPED UP because D was talking straight to me about the crazy neighbor who increases my problems exponentially. I will fix what is mine.

    Sincerely requesting thoughts, prayers, light again. This time for my kid. He is having a dental procedure and I actually fear for his life due to extreme allergies and chemical sensitivities. I’m so scared I can hardly move. But it’s his front tooth, and he’s getting bullied and teased. If I had realized this was Mercury Retrograde I would never have scheduled it for today, but they will charge me for switching it now. Reading about tomorrow’s astro weather has me even more uptight. God, maybe I should cancel…

    Thank you in advance for any kind thoughts our way, since my mom made a miraculous recovery in my opinion.

      1. THANK YOU!!!

        My sweetie now has a nice smile….

        I was actually locating the nearest hospitals to the dental office, just in case. Since he almost didn’t make it a couple times I’m very vigilant.

        Not even any hives today! And he was a good boy, no fussing at all.

        Mommie is so relieved!!!


  5. Wow does THIS smack me right upside the head today! LOL

    I’ve been getting this EXACT SAME message for the past week. And I know (or at least suspect) that this is the crucial weekend for this message to really fly home/dixiblog/domains/

    I’m going to print this one out and read it every day until my situation has moved on to the next level. (And then maybe take it out and re-read it every now and then after that!)

    Thanks again, Dixie!

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