May 29

Everyday Tarot, 05/29/11: Reserving Judgment


daily-tarot-forecast-judgement-legacy-divineI have a 3-times rule about messages. When I notice something three times, I consider it officially “on my radar.” I don’t always know why I need to know something, but if tunes in on my channel, it always seems to come in handy.

How we attribute success and failures, and how we hand out credit and blame, triggered the rule. It occurs, this function is not always so clear-cut.

maj20sToday’s Tarot Forecast is Judgment inverted, “The Spirit of the Primal Fire,” modernly associated with Pluto. Even reversed, this version is prettier than the Rider-Waite Zombie parade. But the people are still blue and on their  heads, no less! Somebody could fall.

Tarot twos mean two distinct sides—one energy cannot exist in isolation. So if your assessment doesn’t include a dual perspective, you’re not done with the research.

michelangelos-last-judgment-2Judgment Day is where choices come home to roost. Especially, that done without witness, when nobody’s watching. Who and what people are come out in the light.

What you see is seldom all there is, and what seems like a mistake or tragedy often ends up preparing or insulating from harsher experiences. Some lessons are easy and some are hard, but if you’re willing to accept whatever’s there, you can wield power in direct proportion to your studies.

You don’t have to force it now. Just let your eyes adjust gradually, as the light changes to reveal a clearer picture. Be open to accepting what comes out, even if it’s not what you’d expect. Be as kind as you can in letting each learn the lessons they need. (This includes yourself, Sparky.)

Are you reserving Judgment?

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  1. Absolutely, Saturn’s still in Libra, so working to weigh all the info and see things from all angles. Besides, it’s not really my place to “judge”.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Dixie, I’m always the hardest on myself. Always expect more from myself than I would ever expect from another person. When it comes to self-judgement, I don’t cut myself any slack.

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