May 23

Everyday Tarot, 05/23/11: Near the Deeper Truth / Inverted Hermit


daily-tarot-forecast-hermit-invertedEmotional knowing comes very differently for me than intellectual knowing. Sometimes it’s a nudge, sometimes a whap, but it sweeps through like a hot flash, near instantaneous. A visceral experience, but seems to work in conjunction with my Gemini moon rationality. For it to stick, I have to go back and fill in the blanks with my brain. If I don’t do the processing part, I don’t get full access to the benefit of the insight.

Today’s Tarot Forecast is the inverted Hermit, “The Magus of the Voice of Light,” associated with Virgo. Tarot nines usually talk of endurance or gestation—for a process, nines mark the turning point. At this stage, endurance or compromise may have been called for to make integration possible.  The Hermit is a seeker, turning inward to fashion all the little bits and pieces of wisdom accumulated into a comprehensive worldview.  Inverted, he may just be getting started or in the process of finishing up. Or maybe something is standing in his way. Hopefully not wishful thinking! But he’s a practical sort, so even denial will not interfere with his quest too long.

Virgo thinks. Virgo reasons. Virgo analyzes and weighs arguments, and Virgo identifies the weak spots and shores them up. So that’s the task at hand, while looking for the deepest truths surrounding your current quests. The question needs to move from isolated experience to a coherent whole to allow for assimilation of any wisdom hidden therein.

Even if this card is reversed, I see him as an excellent sign of being on the right track. Maybe he’s prodding you to look deeper for your answers, or maybe he’s suggesting you welcome some new ideas into the mix to fill remaining gaps. But either way, you’re near the deeper truth, and that’s always good news.

How’s your seeking going?

Tarot of the New Vision (English and Spanish Edition)
by Lo Scarabeo

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  1. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SEEKING FOR ME! There seems to be a theme going on right now with your daily readings, so much meaning as they all tie together in one way or another.

    I’ve recently come to discover the seeking is about finding & staying on my own path to discover answers I REALLY need & it’s NOT about seeking answers for things that are NOT mine or NOT real.

    Thanks for helping seek for my own path Dixie! My daughter appreciates it even more hahaha!

    ***I need to schedule a reading from you my pink haired friend! It was an interesting weekend at church. My daughter is nicer than I could ever be!!***

    1. “I’ve recently come to discover the seeking is about finding & staying on my own path to discover answers I REALLY need & it’s NOT about seeking answers for things that are NOT mine or NOT real. ”

      Very, very true, CancerMom! And as far as your daughter, you’ve got one heck of a kid there. She’s a class act all the way. Lots to be proud of.

  2. Spot on once again my dearest Dixie. I just finished a gut wrenching personal e-mail to an old friend about the real truth and motivation of need vs. want and seeking true motivation down the road of life. “Do you really think you are on the right path?” It was neither good nor bad, just be honest with yourself.

  3. I will pass on your kudos to my daughter, she thinks the world of you and how much you’ve calmed me down.

  4. It’s all about self-examination for me. Couldn’t avoid it if I wanted to, but last night, I really got somewhere, a place that was different, that helped to give me crucial and needed insight into a situation. Have been working on a particular issue for about four years now, and last night was a breakthrough of sorts. So, I’d say yeah, I’d say I found a deeper truth last night. It was a good thing.

    1. I am glad for you Mabel, four years is a long time. It seems the light of day is starting to appear out of the ruble of the last three years for me too. The dust over the debris is starting to settle and how true it is that all truths lie in all things.

  5. This Daily Tarot IS so deep that I had to read it over several times so it would sink in. A turning point toward a comprehensive worldview? Maybe I had that… all I know is I had a moment of peace for the first time in so long, just watching some kids play baseball with some NICE moms. I felt like I could breathe. The grass smells so good on a baseball field.

    I guess it is bringing together pieces of wisdom, and also reinforcing again the concept of reality versus illusion.

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