July 27

07/28/13: Activating the Creative Force / Empress Rx



Still inverted, but at least a warm, nurturing card, the Empress reversed offers some comfort from the harshness you may have been feeling of late. It’s incomplete comfort perhaps, but comfort nonetheless.

Look to invoke the maternal, life-affirming qualities of the Empress to get the greatest benefit (and get this energy righteously flowing). This is both invoked and evoked creative energy. Become her inside and you begin radiating her energy, drawing it to you on the outside. Understand that your subjective experience is a direct blossoming of your inner experience.

If bothered by injustice, look to generate justice within. If disturbed by lack of compassion, cultivate your own. If feeling put upon by others’ impatience, consciously call upon patience within yourself. In this way, you can channel the Empress and activate her creative forces.

Or maybe I’ve been spending too much time watching Qabalah videos. Ha!

Are you feeling a submerged creative force?

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  1. I’m going to integrate, activate and radiate this entire message.

    It is now to be fonted, centered, printed, and posted on my kitchen cabinet to be pondered…

    I’m a little dramatic today, I know.

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