May 29

05/29/12: On Task | The Chariot



“Stop seeking, stop listening. As an experiment. Tend to your immediate projects.” —my Astrologer

I knew exactly what she’s talking about, because I’d seen this message recently. I love to think, think, and think some more. Planning and strategizing and figuring out every little nuance is a skill that comes to Virgo like swimming to fish. My Gemini moon gets distracted over and over again. Beautiful, lush distractions. I could spend a lifetime exploring each.

“Pick something and FINISH it, Dixie!” That’s my loose interpretation. Any focus is better than no focus.

The Chariot (Cancer) leads us to victory via concentrated focus. When the Chariot shows up, it’s telling you to push through, focus, pay attention to what you’re doing and not everything else. The Chariot driver may take an indirect approach (like the Crab does), but side-stepping isn’t the same as being sidetracked. Stay on task.

So, okay. I’m working on it. One thing, I picked. Focused on finishing.

You have anything that needs finishing?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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Shadowscapes, The Chariot

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  1. I hear you on t he distractions, being an Aries I am always distracted. My focus just sucks right now and I don’t understand why.

  2. I have a Gemini Moon and Pisces in Mercury Rx. I tend to get bored easily and I have so many unfinished projects. I’ll start something, get bored with it and them move onto something else. This has plagued me my entire life. I’m learning to tackle one thing at a time. It’s a struggle…

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