May 10

Two of Wands: Big Plans


Anybody notice I’m late this week? Truth be told, I almost forgot this weekly column! I was shocked to realize it had uncharacteristically slipped my mind. But that’s kind of how things are right now. Lots going on in that brain of mine…

Next week in Tarot

My week has been a lot like the cards I pulled: plenty of big plans, but most of what I can or cannot do is still a matter of trusting I’ll get the opportunities required to move forward. Anybody else feeling this?

I used my Galaxy Tarot app to draw for today since I was behind.  (This is an awesome, free Tarot app and great for Tarot study if you use Android.)

Outlook is the Two of Wands, with advice as the Six of Cups.

So yes. We have plans and ideas, hopes and dreams, much in mind for the future right now. There are options ahead, as I find the case to be whenever we see a Tarot two.

With the Six of Cups for advice, we’re just going to have to trust that we’ll find the gifts we need appear at the right time. We may well be waiting for that one opportunity, an open door, an exit ramp, something chance to get where we want to go and it just doesn’t seem to have appeared just yet. I know that can be frustrating and not nearly as reassuring as having it all mapped out, right here and now. But really, how often does life cooperate with that sort of thing?

Nothing wrong with having an idea of how you’d like things to go. Just be flexible and keep not only an open mind, but much more importantly, an open heart. It’s going to require trust to make things happen.

I got some violets for Mother’s Day. The flower symbolizes harmony and balance: good keywords to bear in mind right now. That’s what we want to reach for. Be still, attune to the Universal flow and look for the nudges, the little gifts that show up in just the right time, in just the right way. We may have to step back from what we thought we knew, but that’s okay. Flexibility works better and allows for the flow.

How y’all doing out there? Are you finding this “wait, see and trust” vibe as loud as I do?

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  1. I've been informed my violets are probably pansies. I don't really care either way. The message is good, despite any potential deficiencies in my flower identification skillset.

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