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01/02/14: Beware Golden Handcuffs / Devil


The Devil Osho ZenYou ever wonder how Bernie Madoff got by with his Ponzi scheme so long? I don’t for a minute. He looked the part he was playing, for sure. But more importantly, he gave his victims an explanation they WANTED to believe.  And from the very first moment an invest set aside any uneasiness in exchange for buying in that explanation, the victims became participants in their own fleecing. It was certainly unconscious, but not exactly unavoidable.

The Devil arrives today in sheep’s clothing in the Osho Zen deck, hiding amongst the flock. While I sometimes refer to the deck’s interpretation for this card (because this deck definitely has it’s quirks), today I just don’t want to. So I won’t!

Here’s the thing: most of the time when the Devil is in your midst, you know it. The new friend who seems “too good to be true,” the prospective employer whose promises are just a hair over-the-top, the date who has just been “misunderstood,” or  the business offer that you’d have to be “insane” to pass up? Each carries the same elusive but ever-nagging sense of disquiet. You know that sense. It’s the one we talk ourselves out of, you know.

The Devil doesn’t always manifest in ugly forms like addictions or imprisonment. Sometimes he shows up looking all snazzy with a sales pitch and a pair of golden handcuffs. Listen to your intuition because you already know the truth.

Run across any lion’s in sheep’s clothing lately?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
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Osho Zen, The Devil

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  1. For me, he showed up as Netflix and Roku. So far, 2014 has been the year of Netflix, and me becoming one with my couch. I’m feeling spoiled, and feel the need to do something to earn the camera my parents bought me for Christmas.

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