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03/01/13: Can you fall back in love? / the Lovers


“When death comes it is never our tenderness that we repent from, but our severity.” –George Eliot


The basic feelings are present, but I expect to find something missing when the Lovers shows up inverted. Again, feels pretty Mercury retrograde-y to me. I often focus on the reflective aspects of the Lovers card in interpreting, but I just saw a Tarot video pointing out the choice and polarity inherent in the Lovers, the representation of both light and shadow. Expanding my psychic vocabulary!

As always, the colors are bold and beautiful on the Rosetta Tarot, and as always, I have to look up the symbolism in the accompanying book because the artist’s facility with arcane symbolism puts my very limited knowledgebase to shame. But expanding oneself is a good thing, right?

Here’s the thing: when you choose ONE, you by implication deny all else. When you choose a mate, you’re denying all others (in monogamous relationships at least). And when you’re considering another, you can appreciate or critique, but it’s nigh near impossible to do both simultaneously.

Same is true of your whole life. I think there may be tendency today to see the flaws instead of the quality.

It comes down to the idea that we can either focus on the gifts or the lacks.

I know which I want to focus on. Sometimes lacks absolutely have to be address, but I want to turn up the gifts. That’s where I’m putting my attention.

How about you?

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Rosetta Tarot, The Lovers

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  1. Ahhh, this is a PERFECT card today. Lots of insight into how hubby thinks while he’s recuperating. Lots of follow-up passive-aggresive statements/questions. This is not about him but ME, it’s not bad just enlightening as I say sheepishly.

    VERY Lovers reversed. It’s there but the energy is stuck a little bit, it’s not 50-50. The love IS there but not the “equality” of the relationship. Good Stuff!!!

  2. “Forsaking all others” is a major part of wedding vows. Jada and Will Smith made headlines not too long ago by saying that it wasn’t part of their vows and that they have an open marriage. We don’t see a lot of cases where open marriages work, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t. Renegging on that vow, however, is a huge contributor to breakups and divorce.

    This is the Gemini card, not the Libra card, so it’s always about choice and duality. Mercury Rx is a good way to think of this card, Dixie. Or maybe Gemini intercepted, and not being able to draw a conclusion.

    About “can you fall in love again?” That just depends on how much damage has been done, the severity of betrayal when facing a set of broken vows. Sometimes we have to own up to making a “bad choice,” even if it didn’t seem like it when the choice was made. Love hides a lot of flaws. Then another choice has to be made: fall in love again or move on.

    1. I really like the emphasis on choices you make, cj. And appropriate for a Gemini-associated card. I’ve often said, being “in love” isn’t a discrete event, but a choice that people make every single day, to think, act, and therefore feel loving. It’s not something from outside, but something from within, you know? And in that sense, the lovers definitely seems to reflect what’s inside yourself as much or more than what’s coming from the beloved. Lots of (Lovers) food for thought!

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