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06/01/13: Armor On / Emperor



Ah, we’re talking about being in control! You know the concept of “The Man?” The “Establishment?” Well, this is the establishments, Tarot’s Big Daddy, aka the Emperor. He’s maker of rules, seated head of the table, king of the kings. He holds the power of life in his hands (Ankh). Between the Ram-adorned throne and all red red robes, not hard to divine he’s an Aries archetype.

And you notice the armor, right? He doesn’t necessarily go out seeking a fight, but he’s ever-prepared for one.

His secret power is control. And while we usually think of control in terms of other people—as in who controls whom?—effective control always starts the same place: at home!

It would be a good time to take command, be authoritative, and always, always, always be ready to back up your words if need be. I’m not saying you must get into a fight. I’m saying to control YOURSELF first so that you don’t end up in an unnecessary brawl. And either way, keep your armor on so you don’t get dinged by random arrows. Because that guy in the big chair is almost always a target for random arrows, you know?

You dealing with the Emperor?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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Aries, Radiant Rider Waite, The Emperor

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  1. Ok at this point your cards are so poignantly tracking my “pickle” of a situation. It’s getting a bit, as you’d say, “WOO- WOO”
    Even today’s video gave insight into how to plan for the next round of arrows. I’d book a reading but my fear is I’d spend the majority of the time crying like I did today as you pulled, and read Strength. It’s all so raw right now.

    Keep pulling those cards-they are helping tremendously!!!


    1. Hugs, Michelle!! Sorry you’re feeling under siege, but glad to hear my work is helpful in managing that. Sending good vibes to you. ♥

      P.S. If you do decide on a consult, you know where to find me.

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