July 2

Action vs. Timing: Knight of Wands Rx


We live neck deep in a culture of action. Act, act, act! Something must be done, and now!

You want to change your life? You want to impact the world?

You must push through, move forward, carry on, and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

And if the things aren’t happening? Well, you just need to try harder.

Bleh. And it’s all because, action is the only option people seem to respect.

What if, instead of leveraging sheer will–and trying to brute force life into acquiescing to our demands–we decided to work with the energy, first?

What if we lined up with it, got in tune with it, set our intentions and focus on what we want (as opposed to escaping the horrific fate we don’t want)?

What would that feel like?

Because let’s face it: brute force is a crapshoot at best, and it leaves you exhausted when you’re done. I won’t tell you that the force of will won’t move life’s rocks from one pile to another. It does, but it’s slow, iffy at times, and it’s a very, very hard way of going about it.

But if you can line up with the energy, first and foremost, then really? Whatever action you take will feel good, and be easy. And most of all? It will be effective.

The reversed Knight of Wands here is impulsive and ill-timed action. Action taken from a place of fear, to avoid disaster, or from a place of anger, to push an agenda (however well-meaning). It’s an attempt to brute force life circumstances into unwilling submission and it’s marginally effective at best.

This week? Okay, all the time. But especially this week? Wait until you FEEL the momentum and feel the inspiration and can take your action with a confidence, a knowing that it’s the thing to do and the time to do it. THAT action? It will serve you very well.

Video Transcript

Hi. This is Dixie from A Fool’s Journey dot com. Here with some weekly thoughts for ya. Hang on.

Hey, thanks for hanging in. I am doing another quickie, lazy I’m-not-gonna-set-up-my-video-equipment video on my cell phone. So, let’s see what we’re looking at for the week.

Okay. I’ve got the Knight of Wands reversed. And what I want to say about this is, you don’t have to move right now.

Okay. Sometimes there’s like, an urge, or um, almost a compulsion to answer that email, to make the phone call, to tell somebody, you know, to give somebody what-for. To intervene, or act or whatever.

And here, I want to recommend that you hold back until the action is obvious. If you can avoid acting from a place where you’re stressed out and you’re trying to fix a big problem and you’re oh-my-Gosh, I just hope this works! And that kind of stuff? Your outcome will tend to be better.

Because you bring a whole different type of energy to it. If you’re kind of chill about it. You know when the action is right. And try to bring the emotional energy that you want for the final outcome to the action and you’ll be a whole lot more successful.

So that’s this week’s look at what’s on my radar. Hope it’s helpful to you. Take care, peace out. Ommmmm! Talk to you later. Bye bye.

Do you rely on action or energy or the combination of the two?

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Knight of Wands, Radiant Rider Waite

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