December 4

Ace of Pentacles: Tough Love & Self-Determination


“It’s for your own good.”

I just hate that phrase, whether directly stated or merely implied. It assumes someone–specifically, someone who is NOT me–is somehow better equipped to determine “my own good” than I am.

I disagree with that proposition, vehemently.

I don’t care if my life more closely resembles fairy tale or train wreck at the moment the words are spoken. Irrelevant! What look like a crash can (and most often does) lead to a meaningful transformation. That bigger picture is something friends and family simply cannot access. We cannot see the biggest of pictures with physical eyes.

I grant there are overwhelmingly good intentions behind most declarations of “tough love.” But beneath then motivations, each has the same goal: manipulating behavior. What gives anyone the right to try to drive another’s life?

We each are granted one life to use as we see fit.

I see my rights resting along the lines of deliberately choosing what I do or do not want to be a part of. If a loved one is in the midst of a downward spiral, I may refuse to participate. I may suggest alternative viewpoints, praying they make a change of course. I have, quite frankly. But it doesn’t mean I have the right to attempt to enforce control.

I understand this isn’t necessarily how we parent or deal with close relationships. But I would encourage you to consider it in ALL relationships nonetheless. Regardless of what we think is best or how “right” we consider ourselves objectively, it’s not up to a vote here.

Each of us has an inner knowing. Each of us freely chooses how closely to follow that knowing. Maybe you’ll listen to it and maybe you won’t, but you’ll get something out of the experience either way. People are where they are because it’s where they need to be. We have no place trying to circumvent those learning experiences for them.

Self-determination and taking into account your own inner knowing–regardless of what others say–is key to navigating next week. Stay in your own lane and let nothing distract you from it.

Next Week in Tarot

The outlook is the Ace of Pentacles (aka “Earth”) with advice coming in from the High Priestess. She’s back from last week to tell us to stay the course! Card pictures are from The Good Tarot.’

With the Ace of Pentacles as a forecast, expect only the most humble of progress to be made. There will be seeds, small signs, tentative indications of which why the world is moving, be it the world at large or your own universe. This sort of progress is rather easy to miss if you’re not looking.

As advice, the High Priestess will tell us more than we may initially realize, as is her style. First of all, intuition reigns supreme for the successful this week. Secondly, if you’re not sure-in-your-gut yet? Don’t make a move! Wait it out.

The “wait it out” admonition is not to be confused with waiting to find outward confirmation, by the way. “Sure-in-your-gut” doesn’t mean the world would agree based on preponderance of evidence. People try to convince others often as a method of feeling more certain themselves. This isn’t living by committee I’m suggesting. It’s YOUR gut, what you feel or more directly, what you KNOW (without necessarily being able to explain how you know it) that will guide you most true.

Many times, we will clearly identify that initial pull, the urge to go one way or another. We may be anxious about outcomes though, so we tend to overthink and subject that first impulse not only to scrutiny, but also to heaps of self-doubt, worry and attempts to manipulate potential variables. Most potential variables appear in the form of other people, in case you’re not tracking what I’m laying down here. At this point, everything gets muddy and we feel less certain than ever. (Aside to Libra people: I know you’re just gathering info as is your way. But ultimately, the choice must remain your own and not majority rule.)

Look for the little signs. Get quiet. Listen to what your gut tells you. This approach will show you the way next week. I’d argue this approach would serve well at any time, but Tarot is agreeing with me this week. I’ll take that wherever I can find it!

Be well, friends. Hope the view is nice from your own lane.

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