May 4

Ace of Cups: Being the Turtle


Driving home recently, I was caught up in one of those intense, imaginary debates that unfold when you’re solo in the car. I’ll admit, it was a cranky monologue.

Just when I was mid-rant, a baby deer appeared ahead by the roadside. It glanced at my car and carefully moved away. Witnessing this, I couldn’t help but soften my tone.

“Sorry for being so cranky, little deer,” I said out loud—because of course, I’m the type who talks to animals.

Not far down the road, a little turtle was also making his slow escape from the pavement. It seemed like nature was sending me a message.

When I got home, determined to shift my mood, I pulled the cards for this week’s forecast. The encounters with the fawn and turtle seemed to mirror the energies for the upcoming week perfectly.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook: Ace of Cups – A cup brimming with emotional beginnings.
Advice: Three of Pentacles (Reversed) – Don’t cement your plans just yet; they might need some reworking.
Deck: The cheerful Housewives Tarot.

Baby animals, like the fawn, symbolize fresh starts. This graceful creature invites us to embrace its qualities—gentleness and grace. Instead of continuing my car rant, the baby deer suggests a softer approach could be more fruitful this week. Expect beginnings that ask for vulnerability and an open heart.

Meanwhile, the turtle advises us to slow down. There’s no need to rush; instead, shield yourself and set a deliberate pace. Being emotionally vulnerable becomes much easier when we take time to ground ourselves and lay a thoughtful foundation.

Pairing these insights, a gentle approach will likely feel much better than spewing crankiness or forcing harsh truths. Ground yourself like the turtle; take moments to retreat if you feel overwhelmed, and lay your plans gently. Slow and steady wins this race.

So, are you feeling this energy, friends? Let’s navigate this week one mindful step at a time, progressing with grace and kindness, and with a keen appreciation for the importance of right timing in all things.

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Ace of Cups, Housewives Tarot, Three of Pentacles

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