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04/16/14: Emotional Drainage / Ace of Cups Reversed


Ace of Cups Rx Meaning

What’s coming into focus via “crowning influences?” The Ace of Cups reversed suggests to me somebody—maybe it’s you—doesn’t have a single $&%# left to give. This is not merely a declaration of “don’t care” to me. It’s more specific, an issue of running out of emotional bandwidth.

Like if I care a lot about how you think, and you think I suck, and I continue to worry and fret and feel like Hell over it, well, how long is that situation sustainable for me?

Or maybe I’m dealing with some serious crap. And this other guy is an emotional drain in general…doesn’t matter how or why, just a siphon at a time when I don’t have the excess energy. This is going to have an impact, don’t you think? Sooner or later, I’m gonna snap. Or I’m gonna quit taking his calls or block his email. I’m gonna do whatever I need to do to conserve my emotional energy. This is what I’m seeing here.

So if you’re the drainer, cut the crap out! And if you’re the drainee, protect your emotional bandwidth. It’s precious and frankly, you probably need it.

Seeing some emotional drainage?

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  1. At the moment? Neither.

    I’ve been both in the past, and neither side is any fun. It just grates when someone knows what bad shape you’re in, and then adds to it. I’ve had people kick me so hard when I’m down, and they think highly of themselves. I no longer think that highly of them.

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