September 11

09/11/12: Keeping Watch in the Midst of Trouble | 9 of Wands


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“Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies.” – Psalms 138:7

Stand guard. Weary or no, it matters not. Associated with Mars in Sagittarius, the fight (Mars) in the Nine of Wands is BIG (Sagittarius)! That is exactly what’s called for right now.

I don’t like the title so much here, “Suffering in Silence.” I suppose you could say, “Stand guard without complaint.” There is a tiredness, the weariness common the Tarot Nines, that I’ll admit could be considered suffering. But it’s going to be short-lived, as this card speaks to the ending of a cycle. And while I consider struggle universal in the Earth plane, suffering IS optional. The secret is calling in the right reinforcements.

I like the way she’s climbed up high for perspective. Her mountaintop perch, her gazing off into the sun, suggest a divine connection. She may appear alone, but she’s close to her Gods, the source of strength and stamina. She’s alert, holding her wand and beside her, ready to use it as the needs arise.

This is a fierce card, full of the energy of fearlessness and certainty. I don’t worry for this warrior at all. She may not choose the fight, she may not have sought it out, but she is in it to the end, looking to win. She will win, because she knows the battle, she knows where to get the energy go to on—from the Source. Her cloak is that of righteousness, so it protects her against the forces of darkness. She protects and defends that which is hers.

No cause for fear. Marshall your forces, call upon the holiest of your connections, and stand your ground. The fight will be over, soon enough.

Are you feeling this energy?

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  1. Yepp I definitely feel this, I’m struggling to learn math and it feels like an uphill battle and I know I’m gonna make it and learn. But right now I just feel so tired and overwhelmed by all the new and the slow process of learning a language I have so much difficulty understanding. I am logical and love structure all that math is, but when you don’t understand the language then it doesn’t matter how logical or structured your mind is.. You still don’t get it… SOOO Frustrating!!

  2. Yes, except that I’m feeling a lot of fear and anxiety as well. I’m tired and I can’t afford to be tired, is the problem because I need to stand my ground.

  3. I’m very exhausted and getting sick so only now did I get the positive side of what you wrote. (It’s harder for me to see the positive sometimes when I’m thinking about my troubles.)

  4. I’m feeling this energy very strongly, Dixie. To know that we are wrapped in the arms of the divine, protected…and that they allow us to know that they are with us…is a feeling like no other. {{{{{hugs hugs hugs}}}}}

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