August 20

Nine of Swords Rx: Stop Obsessing Already


Are you obsessing over what you should be doing about “the situation?”

Not that I would know anything about that.


You may want to take a step back from all that in the coming week, best you can.

Next Week in Tarot

Both the Nine of Swords (outlook) and the Page of Pentacles (advice) came in reversed, so I flipped them to photograph. Deck is the now-familiar Star Tarot Deck.

Nine of Swords Page of Pentacles

Well, Hell…

If we’re going to have the Nine of Swords as outlook, at least it came reversed. That suggests we may well still be feeling anxious, guilty, overwhelmed or in general, struggling. I’m sorry. That’s the less-than-delightful news.

The GOOD news is that reversed, we’re not talking full-on distress and I expect opportunities to release to appear throughout the week. Look for those opportunities wherever you can find them, because they’re golden.

In terms of advice, the Page of Pentacles reversed would have us taking only preliminary steps towards goals without finalizing: research, make plans, ask questions, consider options. You may not actually have the opportunity to make any final moves this week–and I’m thinking not–but you can no doubt make progress and that’s helpful as well.

You know what this means? It’s okay to consider solutions, but stop compulsively trying to resolve NOW NOW NOW. Because it’s a get-started time, not a sweep-up-all-the-mess time. I hate to say that, because I want to get my mess cleaned up just as much as the next gal.

But we are where we are. And whatever preliminary work you can do now helps smooth the way for tomorrow, yes? So do that.

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Nine of Swords, Page of Pentacles, Star Tarot Deck

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