December 9

12/09/12: Surrendering to the Sad | 9 Clouds


A Pluto transit to the bottom of my chart, hitting Mars—one of those things you don’t soon forget. Late at night, I was downstairs and parked my ass on the couch. I’d cried until no more tears were left. Exhausted, my mind was blank…I watched the shadows of the trees from the street light outside dance and rustle and bustle. Curled up on the couch wrapped in an afghan. I was quiet, not thinking anymore…just waiting. Maybe meaning would emerge. More likely, sleep would come. Utterly spent, I had no thoughts left to think. I just stared, and waited.

That’s the scene I remember, looking this Nine of Swords from the Osho Zen. Like the figure in it’s traditional counterpart, this fellow looks to be very, very alone, wrapped in his heavy blanket of sorrow and sitting in a dark corner, with just his pain for company.

The best way I know to deal with this kind of energy is surrender. What else is there but acceptance? It will go where it will go, nothing one can do about it. So if this is where you are—and I REALLY hope it’s not—just know, there is a way to go on. You release what you cannot control. You accept what has come. You have faith that you’ll get what you need from it.

You let your tears dry and don’t think any more thoughts and lay down. Sleep comes. Turn your troubles over to spirit and get some rest. There isn’t much choice, anyway.

Do you have sorrow about?

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Nine of Swords, Osho Zen

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