February 16

9 of Wands: Tap the Cosmos


In yet another installment of “Dixie needs to listen to her own advice,” I bring you this week’s thoughts. A few days late but I’m going to argue they are divinely timed anyway, because that’s just the sort of thing I do.

I’m actively trying to rehab my broken leg and it’s not an easy or comfortable process. But I’m doing the best I can with it and I’ll likewise do my best to remember this week’s advice.

Next Week in the Cards

Just a quick single-card focus for this week: Nine of Wands (from The Star Tarot Deck).

This rendition is a little softer than the traditional, and he looks a lot less beat up than I usually think of him. But by the time you get to the nines in Tarot, whatever the subject, it’s unlikely to be new. It’s near the end of a cycle. You may be tired of the subject and feel beyond ready to move on. (I sure do!)

But we’re not done until we get done. And we might as well decide that’s fine, because it’s going to make the trip a lot smoother.

You may be dealing with a “situation” currently, and it’s likely one you’ve been dealing with for a minute.  This card is here to remind us we’re managing where we’re at.

In this image, the figure is divinely inspired. Flanked by black and white wolves, he’s balancing the details of physical reality and (here’s the important part), he’s sourcing energy from the cosmos, not just relying on his personal supply.

We can do the same. Look for encouragement, distraction, humor, warm feelings, opportunities to quiet your mind. It may not seem “productive,” but I tell you what: there is nothing more productive.

You step back from the stress and clear your head a bit. You relax. You can think more easily. You’re open to inspiration. It changes your whole vibe and makes everything easier.

This is how we shift our energy and hence, our circumstance. Not in a single, dramatic turnaround based on some external luck-of-the-draw event. We start in the mirror and work our way out.

Are you ready to tap the cosmos?

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Nine of Wands, Star Tarot

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