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05/09/12: Fulfilling Your Own Wishes | 9 Cups



“Knowing what you really love to do, knowing what excites you and energizes you, is a tremendous gift! Use it. Start just doing it, however and wherever you can. It can be little things or not, just start doing it. It starts shifts in that direction, when that’s where you’re putting your emotional energy. Just do it!”

I was giving a pal Dixie pep talk number 403, hoping I was more inspiring that a Nike commercial. She realized what it was she loved to be doing, creatively, vocationally, but isn’t able to do it as a function of her current job. I wasn’t buying into any disappointment over the situation though, because job situations are temporary, but passion points us forward. It’s not necessary to know how we’ll progress.

The Nine of Cups (here as “Fulfillment of Wishes”) is associated with Jupiter in Pisces—I often think of this as gifts (Jupiter) that seem to materialize magically (Pisces). But that’s not necessarily the case. These may be wishes granted via hard work just as easily.

Do you know what you love? Do you know what you really, really want? Rather than lament being without, or shake your head sadly at the impossibility of getting from here to there, start looking for ways to live more of what you want, right now.

It doesn’t need to be a complete, well-laid path. It doesn’t need to be clear or readily available or anything of the sort. You just need to be able to take steps, little, tiny steps, to move in that direction.

With each step, with each action, you bring yourself more energetically in line with your wishes. You FEEL more of the essence of what you want, and you turn up that frequency of your experience in your everyday life. Right here, right now, you have more of it.

Then, you build.

This is how I have done pretty much everything big that I’ve ever managed to do. And you know what? You can too!

You get to the Nine of Cups one card at a time, you know. You start with the Ace, the seed of desire. You share at the Two, create with the Three, dream at the Four, mourn setbacks at the Five, regain trust at the Six, make choices at the Seven, and detach at the Eight. You get wishes granted at the nine and enjoy the fruits at the Ten.

It’s a process.

Do you have wishes you’re in route to fulfilling?

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