November 21

8 of Pents: Working the Self-Care


I’m still in the middle of moving, and may be for minute. It’s a big move–long distance and we’ve lived here close to twenty years. It’s a significant undertaking.

I’m also doing consults, but with less availability than normal so just check in if you want to talk. We can definitely work it out, but I might not be as quick as I usually am.

Basically, I am doing exactly what the forecast advises here: putting my immediate needs first and then sharing what I have left over into the world at large.

You might want to think in these terms, too. At least, that’s what my cards are telling me.

Next Week in Tarot

Outlook is the Eight of Pentacles, with advice as the Reversed King of Pentacles; cards from the Star Tarot Deck.

Did you know that what you’ve already done is working? Expect things to gradually (but systematically) continue to improve. Because that’s what an outlook of Eight of Pents says to me. If you wonder about whether or not things coming together, wonder no more. They are, at least this week! So, this is definitely good news.

As far as advice, an inverted King of Pents suggests not to try and take on the needs of the world. The King of Pentacles always will want to take care of others. That’s his gig, man. But inverted, he probably isn’t in the position to solve everyone else’s problems for them, much to his chagrin.

But we can still be helpful to others. It’s just a matter of using effective prioritization.

  • See to it your own needs are met. This is always responsibility ONE.
  • Only after your own needs are accounted for do you extend that caretaking energy to the inner circle: close family or friends.
  • If you’ve got enough to spare after looking after yourself and those closest to you, of course you can aim loving kindness at the outer circle and the world at large.

Caring people sometimes have tendency to prioritize this differently, with themselves at the bottom of the list, if the fit in there at at all. It’s always a mistake to shortchange yourself in favor of others that seem more in need.

Self-care exponentially multiplies whatever energy you’ve got for supporting others. Skimping on it is like taking off for a trip in a car that’s running out of gas. You just won’t get very far.

So to any of you who feel guilty or “selfish” for prioritizing yourself, please remind yourself of this. You must recharge your own energy before you’ve got anything of quality to share. An investment in yourself IS an investment in everyone you come into contact with, no question.

Are you keeping up with self-care (first)?

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Eight of Pentacles, King of Pentacles

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